Book to Movie Adaptions- Divergent

Oh no, am I late?! I have been so busy lately, but I have so much to say about this topic, I’m going to write on it anyway. Book to movie adaptions- something that really strikes strongly with me. And one I’ve really been wanting to talk about lately was the Divergent movie.






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Double Tags! Coffee Tag and More Happy than Not

I’m so thrilled to have been chosen by Cait at Paper Fury and Joey at Thoughts and Afterthoughts for the Coffee Book Tag and More Happy than Not! I’ve decided to do them together- doing the coffee tag as usual and sticking in my “More Happy than Not” moments below.

The I Am More Happy Than Not Tag was adapted by Shelumiel @ Bookish and Awesome as a companion to Adam Silvera’s upcoming novel More Happy Than Not. There aren’t any rules for this tag than to simply highlight ways you’ve been able to express happiness from the things—big and small—in your life.


Danni Mae Coffee Tag



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Thursday Quotables – The Raven Boys

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means!



But I’m just going to assume you don’t know what it means, because if you knew what it meant, I wouldn’t have to tell you that Thursday Quotables is a meme run by Bookshelf Fantasies and dedicated to the sharing of quotes of interest to us book bloggers. The last time I did this meme, I had no idea how to use hyperlinks. See how much I’ve grown?

Anyways! On to the quotes.

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Top Ten Tuesday! Romances for People that Don’t Read Romance


Aaaand I’m back with Top Ten Tuesday! This week’s prompt is a freebee, but I’ve decided to go with The Broke and The Bookish’s prompt for it. It’s a good one! Especially since I’ve heard that Romance is one of the least favorite genres among bloggers. And I’d have to say, I agree, for the most part. But something about romance in ANOTHER genre, like a cherry on top, always appeals to me- especially when it’s well done. Here are my Top Three picks! (Yes, I’m cheating, but to be fair I’m only putting books I absolutely loved in this post. Quality over quantity, people.)


For those who love sci-fi:

1) Cress by Marissa Meyer


Cress is on the top of the list for a reason: it is amazing in so many ways, with so many great moments; I loved this book. But one of my favorite things was the romance between Cress and Captain Thorne, which was less like a romance and more like a fangirl’s obsession and a player’s flirting at the beginning, that really bloomed into something significant. I have so many excerpts in mind that I could insert for this post, but I wouldn’t want to spoil anything! How can I say this book NEEDS to be read in the way that I feel it? But that’s impossible. Just know that it’s amazing. Scarlet, the second in this series also had a good romance side-plot, but Cress takes the cake.

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Kindle Kandy Week One!

Kindle Kandy Pinking

Kindle Kandy is a meme hosted by The Book Dame dedicated to discovering all of those books on your shelf that you forgot you had. First reading the idea, I thought “Pfft. That’s for advanced readers and big-time bloggers. There’s no way I’d have a book that I haven’t read unless it was a DNF.” That’s when I remembered that not only have I gone on book-buying binges unlike anything of my younger days, I’ve been to a convention where I bought a ton of books and also got a ton of free books as a result of friends moving or cleaning out their shelves. So yes, I DO have unread books.

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Oh dear. Like, oh DEAR oh dear. My progress is not only minimal, it’s hardly passing negligible. But to be fair, I have excuses!





It started off well enough, but after the first day I was whisked away to a day trip that became an overnight trip that became a dear-Lord-why-didn’t-I-pay-any-attention-to-expectation-vs-reality-memes-trip.

As in:

Expectation: A day trip is a trip that lasts for a day, and then you’re back home in your sweet, clean bed.

Reality: You agree to go to the beach with your friend and her one-year-old and suddenly you’re in a dingy bay next to a trailer park and sleeping in a single bed with your friend, her child, and several overly friendly cockroaches.

I’d make the actual meme if I could figure out picmonkey. Would’ve been funny, too. *Sigh* Just another one of this week’s disappointments.

That being said, when I got home FAR later than my man had expected me to, he wanted to have an all day One Piece and Warcraft marathon to spend some time together. And although I knew my progress was laughable, who can turn down fun-time with the most important person in the world to them? Not only did I not read that day, I spent the entire worknight afterwords with Come aboard, and bring along, all your hopes and dreaaaaaammmmsssss in my head. Not to mention my night-shift schedule was royally screwed by sleeping two nights and staying up most of the previous day.

After work I immediately went home and became comatose until about noon today. So again, no progress.

But hey- I’m completely loving the book I’m reading (or, not really but kind of reading) now!


It’s amazing! Something that’s been on my TBR for a long time. I can’t wait to review it, once I finish the last 50% of it. Which happens to sum up my progress in the read a thon for this week. Yup. An entire week to account for 50% of a single book. Pitiful, really. Thank goodness Bout-of-Books is low-stress.

Bout of Books is here!

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon Progress

Oh dear.

So remember how I said this was my first read-a-thon? Apparently even such a low-stress event like this can be done horribly wrong. The book I’ve chosen for my first in the read-a-thon in fringing on being a DNF, and as a result I’ve made very little progress. About 40% today, counting for a total 60% read (20% of which I finished before the read-a-thon started). It’s not a TERRIBLE book- it’s just not interesting enough for me to read nonstop, and I feel that an event like this deserves a book that can be devoured. That being said, I’m taking a break from it and I’ll be starting my next book without finishing the current one.







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