A Couple of Smalls

Here are a few small projects I’ve finished recently:


My Brother-in-Law is close to finishing his second book, and the cover has been revealed (above) so I made him a bookmark to match!

Although, honestly, I never really got the point of crocheted bookmarks. They’re pretty thick, so your book won’t close flat. So I guess I don’t really expect him to use it, haha.


Tails from the Sonic series. I wish I’d gotten a better picture of this one (the lighting is bad and his face looks squished in it) but I was in a rush to send it.

And this scarf! Which I actually made ages ago, but forgot to share. I guess I make a lot of little things like this without getting them to the website.

Happy Saturday, Everyone!


Hairbun Hats

Just a hat with a hole in the top because it was a new trend for a little while.

These were super popular for a time.

Happy Friday, Everyone!


When my husband and I first moved in with each other, I made him a treasure trail leading him around the house. It featured a pikmin I sewed him myself, because the prize at the end was Pikmin 2, since we both loved the original Pikmin.

Of course, it was horrendous. I’ve proven to myself time and time again that sewing is not my thing. But my husband refused to allow me to get rid of it because of sentimental value, and it has been a permanent addition to our home.

Fast forward a few years later, and I tried to convince him to replace it wiiiiith:

 So was it a success?


No it wasn’t.

Now we have two Pikmin.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Octopus Hat!

I’m particularly proud of this one.

But it took me so long to make! I decided I wanted to start selling my patterns, because almost everything I make was made by my own imagination. What I didn’t expect, however, is that writing down the pattern as you go makes a project take forever! There’s sort of a groove you get into when you crochet, and patterning ruins that.

But I finished it, and I’m super happy I did it! I am one step closer to making a sustainable income doing what I love. I’ll start releasing them when I have more made, so expect to see patterns sometime in the etsy shop!

Happy Friday, Everyone!


Someone at work wanted a Deadpool! So here’s a Deadpool.

I regret not getting more plentiful and more quality pictures of this one, but I was rushed for time on that day.

At least my cat liked it!

Finky seal of approval. (Mostly because she’s nosy.)

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Clingy Sloth!

This order came from a picture (that I don’t want to share due to possible copyrights, but it looks pretty similar to the one I’m about to show you, anyway.)

This is my first effort using a different type of yarn. It’s a higher quality and a little more expensive, but I think it made the little guy look nice.

Plus, there’s wire in his arms, so they’re pose-able!


After I shared some photos on my facebook page, this sloth quickly became my most ordered of items. And who can blame him? He’s so cute! Of everything I’ve made, I think this little guy is the one I’d most want for myself.

Happy Friday, Everyone!