As Promised, an Update on Headbands

So, in a post a little while back I featured my new crocheted headbands and said a couple of coworkers were wanting them. All in all twelve (Twelve!) Coworkers ended up wanting one! I was only able to get a picture with five of them because of days off and different shifts, but here’s what we all look like in our new Walmart-themed headbands!IMG_2280

And then, when a friend of mine saw me making one, she remarked on how cute it was and asked if I could make one for her daughter-in-law. So I made one for both of them! Here’s that picture.


I swear headbands just make every group cuter.

This has nothing to do with crochet! New Craft: Waitress book cover.

In my defense, he complimented my headband.

After I said yes, I asked myself “What did I just do! I don’t know how to sew!”

And yet, I offered a complete stranger a  handmade waitress book cover for a friend of his. I can’t say what my logic was-it certainly wasn’t sound- but he complimented the headband I’d hand-crocheted for myself, said I must be crafty, and told me he was looking for someone to make a waitress book cover out of fabric.

I don’t even own a sewing machine!

I went over to my mother-in-law’s for use of her machine and her advice, which I felt horrible for asking because I’d gotten myself into that mess, not her, but in the end, I sewed it mostly by myself, and he- the stranger whose name I still don’t know- seemed pretty happy with the result.



He insisted on paying, and when I refused, he had a co-worker give me a bag that was full of yarn for my crocheting (which he knew about due to a small conversation we had beforehand). And then he said “Next time, I’ll pay. I’ll pay whatever you like for the next book covers.”

…The next book covers. …which…

…I offered to make for him.

..He complemented my headband.

I have issues.

New Craft: Headbands!


In other news, I need a whiteboard.

When I was looking for the next thing to make, I asked a co-worker if there was anything she’d like. She said a headband, and because I can’t leave well enough alone, I decided to add an obnoxiously large flower to it. I was expecting her to see it, laugh a little, and never wear it after that day, but she put it on immediately.

Then, she went to go show my other co-workers.

Then.. my other coworkers wanted one, too?

In fact, six of them wanted one.

None of this made sense!

But, needless to say, I was over the moon. 

I’ll be delivering the post of all the pretty walmart workers in their headbands soon.

But while I was making these headbands, I brought my crochet bag over to a friend’s house, and her 11-year old sister saw the bands.

“So cute!” She said, “I’m stealing it!”

“I can make you one if you want. Any color.”

And thus, my headband legacy is born! How joyful.








Isn’t she adorable with those massive flowers on her head? I love it!

New Craft: Amber the Octopus


Is it less of an accomplishment if I tell you she was supposed to be a frog?

My aunt and uncle love frogs, so I figured that’s what I’d make next, but one neck too many and the shape was all wrong. That’s when a co-worker recommended I make it into an octopus.

A day and about three legs later, my manager came into the break room and asked what I was making. When I told her an octopus, she asked if I could make her one.


This was at the point where it was inconceivable that anyone would want the things I made.

I asked her, “What would you want with a crocheted octopus?”

“Well, what were your aunt and uncle going to do with a crocheted octopus?”

“Put it on display because their niece made it! Like you put your child’s artwork on the fridge!”

But nonetheless, she wanted it, so I finished off the rest of the legs and presented it to my manager in a totally un-brown-noser-y fashion.

She liked it so much that she sent a picture of it to her friend, Amber, who responded saying “omg cute”!

Thus the name.

So, a big welcome to Amber the Octopus =)

I’m back!…. Sort of!

Those of you who have been actively following me have probably realized we weren’t going anywhere.

I love books- I do, really, but being a book blogger to me really takes a lot of the passion out of reading. So, with no further ado, I want to announce the new direction of this blog:


(*sniffle* goodbye, beautiful followers)

It’s just that I have this new passion in life and nowhere to keep it if I don’t want to lose all of my facebook friends who are probably already more sick of crafted goods than the friends of a new mother gets sick of baby pictures. (Unless they’re close friends in which case I LOVE to see pictures of your kid!) It’s not you, it’s me. Really.

So, thank you all for your time, and I appreciate the follows and hope I don’t lose all of you book-loving bloggers, but it’s about time I took this turn.

It’s been great! Thanks!


Life Update Time!

Wow! Haven’t done of these in a looooong time. But in case you all wonder what’s going on in my highly interesting life (yes, I’m sure you all do), here’s a life update!

This Post Needs A Picture

Wedding Date’s Set!

not-romantic wedding

My fiance and I are getting married on October first! On Tuesday, I’ll pretty much have the whole wedding mapped out, so the next six months are going to be hard! I even picked out a dress, which I’m pretty sure my mother-in-law intends to hide from me until the fitting, because I put it back on immediately after we got home and I want to live in it.

I may go to New York in June!

I want to go visit my family, so I’m planning a trip to see them before Cole and I get married.

Editing is underway!

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