I love to do quick little projects on the side- and they usually happen to be the most useful things I make. Like this, for example!


At first glance, it probably looks like a you-have-no-idea-what, but it’s a mop pad for swiffers!



I made this for a friend of mine. Even wrapped it into a nice bundle.


And speaaaking of bundles, I made a couple of square dishcloths for a different friend.


Who also got some little feet for her daughter’s stand.



Little projects are great.


Cozy and Cute

This little one I’m pretty proud of.


My Aunt has a collection of ceramic bear mugs, so when I was trying to figure out what to make her for a gift last year, that’s the first thing that came to mind. It’s not ceramic, but same gist!



Unfortunately, it’s pretty dark in color so it’s hard to see what it is in the picture, but it’s a little bear clinging to the side of the mug. I wanted him to look like he’s peeking over the edge, about to climb in and steal her drink. The coozy itself is supposed to look like honeycomb. So, it’s technically an upside-down beehive, but she wouldn’t be able to drink from it if the bear was facing the right way.




She loved it! Said it was the best gift ever, which makes me super happy.


There’s something satisfying about seeing a gift packed and ready to be shipped off. So cozy!


So, one of the fun things about crochet is making recognizable things with your own style and spin. In this case, pet replicas!


These two are for my brother-in-law and his wife, who adore their bunnies. I was so pleased with how the two of them came out! Making the spots on the black-and-white one was a big challenge; I had to change colors every time I went around in the round! It was a big mess during the process.

These were the yarn color changes for the face of the black and white bunny for his spots.

dscn1054 dscn1057

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how the bunnies came out!






Yarn Scrap… Thursday. This’d Work Better if it was Sunday.

But I don’t post on Sundays so, alas, yarn scrap Sunday shall never exist, catchy a name as it is. But that doesn’t mean I can’t feature yarn scrap projects!

As is my personality to do, sometimes I offer to make someone something even when I already have orders added up, because I’m an impulsive person. In this case, it was right after I was offered some really good rice from the best cook at my job.

It was really good rice.

And the cook said to me, “Danni, you always enjoy my cooking so much. Next week, I’m going to make some flan just for you.”

I don’t particularly like flan!

But I could hardly say that immediately after the line “you always enjoy my cooking so much,” so to minimize the guilt of accepting this woman’s efforts, I said “and I’ll make you something, too! Anything you want.” Luckily, she asked for something easy to make: a stuffed animal for her neighbor’s new(ish) baby.

…Buuut it became a yarn scrap thing after I realized I started a project without sufficient yarn to finish. So here it is!



I’m particularly proud of how the shape of the feet came out.


I didn’t have enough brown to finish all the limbs (and later realized that the brown of the body and brown of the ears, arms, and legs are different anyways) so I gave him white-tipped feet. I think it worked out pretty well until I ran out of brown entirely and had to give him one completely white foot. But I guess that’s kinda cute.

And the toddler apparently ended up loving it! Except, in the nature of toddlers, went straight for the eyes, so those had to be removed. I remember those days from my niece. Oops. I offered to sew on toddler-safe eyes, but work-buddy said the baby was picky and she didn’t want to mess with how much she liked the now-eyeless bunny. Hey, if it works for her, it works for me!

Disclaimer: Yarn Scrap Thursday is not actually going to be a thing. I’m just reminiscing about my days of book blogging, where memes were abundant.


Mom’s Frog

So last Christmas, (yes, you read that right. I procrastinate,) I was telling my mother-in-law that I wanted to crochet everyone’s gifts that year, but couldn’t think of  anything to make her. She had an immediate suggestion! She showed me a picture online of a frog she loved.


(Disclaimer: I didn’t make the frog in the above picture.)
I rather liked him, too, but was nervous about making him. It’s one thing for someone to ask “Make me something minion-y” or “make me an elephant!” Those things give me creative reign, and if it doesn’t come out exactly as I wanted it to, that’s ok because they’d never know.

This, however, was an entirely different story.

But she liked the frog so I endeavored to try!

Aaaaandd… I screwed up. Kinda.

I spent the entire time thinking about how it was coming out all wrong. First, the head was wrong because I couldn’t get the eyes to be bulbous enough. Then, the torso was wrong because the neck was too thin and the collar didn’t have enough poof. Then, the legs were wrong because what was meant to be a bend came out as a chunky thigh. In short, I had no idea how to replicate this frog, and could find no similar patterns anywhere. Overall, my stalling due to perceived failure made the project take months longer than it should have, especially with all the pulling out and re-crocheting I needed to do.

And how did she feel about the finished product?

With a smile on her face, she told me it was the best looking thing I’d ever made.




I’d be inclined to disagree with her if they didn’t say the customer is always right. The jacket’s removable, so I can craft her seasonal jackets and ones of different color whenever she likes! (Although it looks no good without the jacket on.)



Looking at the pictures side-by-side, (or top-by-bottom?) it’s clear which one is better, but I’m glad that my creation at least got the point across. Now I just really need to work on figuring out how to get quality pictures!

Penguinner! You know.. like.. “penguin winner.” Penguinner. It works. Trust me.

And it IS a winner!


More specifically, it’s a winner in the “improvements” department, which was also the theme of last week. Here’s my first penguin:


This one actually has feet!

He’s a little shapelier, a little softer, and has thicker flippers that aren’t actually lopsided. I don’t think he’s perfect, but at least I’m getting better!


Improvements are great!

One of my favorite things about crocheting is looking at past work and seeing myself improve. And after that monstrosity last week, I could do with some favorite things. And some improvement. Like this!


Both of these elephants were, oddly enough, made for the same person. For some reason she wanted another elephant after I made that prototype, and I was happy to oblige. Here’s a better picture.



I’ve already talked about improvements made to original elephant, because I made a couple of Alabama-themed ones, so I won’t go down the list, but I do want to say how happy I am with those feet! I think they came out splendidly stubbish, and completely elephanty. How wonderful.