Minion Paraphernalia!

One of my favorite coworkers has a son that looooves minions. I couldn’t resist giving the little yellow dudes a try! This plushie is made entirely without pattern- completely free-handed. Unfortunately, I forgot to write the pattern down! If I want to make another, it’ll probably come out looking a little different.





I also made him this minions hat. I was super proud of the idea to make the goggles accessible! And the best part was that they stayed up without needing a clip or button! And they stayed on the face pretty well, too. But if I was to make another, I would definitely shorten the nose bridge pidscn0926ece or remove it altogether. I guess I overestimated the distance between human eyes? But it still came out cute, I think!





…Oh no! I didn’t actually get a picture! I have to rely on asking the person I gave them to for one.


…Yup. These sure are slippers.

And there’s really nothing at all to say about them.

You walk in ’em.

I’ve published my first book!

Well.. sort of. Does this count?


I wrote this little bunny book for my niece, who loves crochet. It became her Christmas gift, but I made it months ago when I had absolutely nothing to crochet and a big obsession with making new and interesting things. But I’m really proud of the idea and I was so excited to give it to her- even though she can’t read yet. Here’s the full story!


There was a little bunny,

Inside a little book,

Read by a little reader,

Who took a little look.


He knew he was a story,

And he was being read,

But then Bunny decided,

To come and play instead!

He borrowed a few letters,

And made himself a hook,

He tugged and tugged and turned the page…



And came out of the book!

He cuddled with the reader,

He found a place to hide,

But then Bunny decided,

To go right back inside!


There was a little bunny,

Asleep inside a book,

And maybe he’ll come play again,

So come back for a look!



This is by far the smallest craft I’ve ever done. You can’t really tell the size by looking at it, but it fits in the palm of my hand, whereas the things I usually made are average stuffed-animal size.

This one was for a coworker that likes pokemon. She said her favorite was Charmander, but I couldn’t find a pattern online I liked because none of them seemed to properly portray the shape of his nose. Most of the ones I found, even on google images, were simply flat. So I decided to make my own! And I’m rather proud about how it turned out, particularly when I was freehanding it. I think that when things calm down, this one will be my first written pattern; hopefully I can replicate it!


This one also marks the start of better pictures! I asked my mother-in-law to take some higher-quality pictures for me so I could feel professional maybe opening my own etsy shop when I have more of a stock to show in it. So that’s a mini-dream of mine in the future. Hopefully it’ll pan out the same way this Charmander did!


A work friend of mine became a grandfather recently! He has two daughters, and last month brought the addition of his first healthy granddaughter.

Not meaning that he ever had an unhealthy granddaughter.. just that he didn’t have one at all. Or a grandson. It’s a celebratory occasion, really. And knowing that his daughter- the mother- is a big Nightmare Before Christmas fan, I decided to make her a baby head blanket in the shape of Zero!

Which is great, because it’s pretty much just a Zero doll, considering Zero is already in the shape of a baby head blanket.

And in the spirit of Hallow-uhuhhmerrcough..Christmas-!- I’ve decided to post this one next!





The greatest thing about this one is that it was actually made FOR Halloween, but it’s ok I didn’t see him until long after that, because then it just became a Christmas gift. I mean, the movie title has the word “Christmas” IN IT. It should’ve been a Christmas gift to begin with, really.

I’ve been making stuff… but I haven’t been posting stuff. Obviously.

But I plan to get better about that! Once a week until I’m all caught up on my crafts, I’m going to post a new craft on here. Starting with…. OCTWOPOINTO!



I call him Octwopointo because it’s short for Octopus 2.0 and he’s the second one I’ve made. I’m not perfectly happy with how he came out, but there were a couple of improvements between him and the last one, like the shorter neck, better color choice (considering the first guy started out as a frog) and more evenly sized legs. Here’s the comparison.


Huh.. actually.. now that I look at it, I think I like the old one better. Have I.. retrogressed?

..Well, the kid who it was for liked it at any rate. He fell asleep holding it, and that’s good enough for me!

Octwopointo, everyone.


I’ve been busy!

…With getting married and such. But I’ve also done a little bit of crocheting! So here’s just some catch-up:






Sleeping Bear Baby Blanket




Mug Sweater



So I guess I really haven’t accomplished much for how long I’ve been gone, but I’ll hopefully have more time for crocheting in the near future!