Bobble Beard Hat

What better way is there to keep warm than grow facial hair? But the winter season is already upon us, and hair doesn’t grow that fast! Solution? Crochet your facial hair!

This hat has a built-in beard. I made it for my hairdresser, who had mentioned it when he found out I crocheted. He was thrilled! Happy enough with it to let me take pictures!

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The Best Christmas Sweater is an Ugly Christmas Sweater!

I have a Christmas sweater that I completely adore. Last season, I wore it every time I went to see my in-laws (which was a lot). For this season, I thought it would be a great idea to crochet a replica for my niece! Here it is!

(I am wearing my version here, also).

I was really happy with how it came out, and couldn’t wait to show my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece. When I showed them, their faces absolutely lit up! It made all the work worth it. Once I get some pictures of my niece wearing it, I’ll be sure to share those.

What a great way to start December!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Little Fisherman

So a little while ago a page that I follow had a poster that wanted a little vest for her son’s first birthday. It looked like this:

I considered taking the order, but was hesitant because I’d never made a vest before… or any clothes, for that matter. But two wonderful ladies who also own businesses in the area responded to the post recommending my business, so I decided to give it a try!
Shopping for the yarn, I had difficulty finding the color in the picture, so I did a little hunting online. I cross-referenced the picture, followed it to its pinterist, which led to etsy, which listed the brand of yarn. So then I searched that brand for the color and presto! The yarns are the exact same kind. This is how my work turned out:

Happy Friday, Everyone.

I use this blue too much.

Waaaay too much. But people seem to like it!

This one goes out to my cousin, who of all things, wanted a cat. So I made her a little kitty keychain!

Also, thus ends the reign of pictures taken on my couch. They come out awful. Just awful.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Winter Coziness

Winter’s starting soon, and that means hat and scarf season!

I forgot to take pictures of them BEFORE I wrapped up the scarves, so I guess that’s that. They came out pretty nice! You’ll have to take my word for it, haha!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Bunny and a Bear

I have a lot of bunnies on this page. One of the great things about crochet, though, is that not a single one of these bunnies look alike. They all have different shapes, colors, and styles. And here’s another!

And a little bear to go with him:

Not my best work, but a cute couple, nonetheless.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Little Bird

A little while ago, I was on a trade site called Simbi, where you could trade crafts and services. My crochet was a big hit there, and I got a request for a crochet replica of someone’s pet in exchange for some prints. Here’s how it came out!

I’m particularly proud of the wings, which I think came out well, although you can’t see them too well from the pictures.

So how did she like it? I don’t know! I never heard back from her. And although I sent it, I never got my prints! I guess that’s one of the dangers of dealing with online people. Oh well, you live and you learn.

Happy Friday, everyone!