I have a Booth!

Actually, I’ve had a booth for a while. But I’m still super excited about it! There’s a cute little store having its grand opening soon right downtown of where I live, and I’m so pleased to be a part of it! I was nervous about renting out a space, because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make a booth look full with the deadline I was given (it was about two weeks), but I’m so glad I did it because I think it came out perfectly!

Yay! I wanted to make it super colorful and bright. I’m especially pleased by how my sign came out. The letters in “crochet” are actually crocheted! Here are some closer pictures:


Overall, I feel like it was something to be proud of.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Business Card Holders!

If you’ve been following my facebook, you’ve already seen this little guy:

(And my business cards.) I’m pretty proud of him! I made him with wire in the tentacles so he could hold up my cards. But I put wire in all of them because why not? Now he’s completely pose-able!

Probably the cutest thing I’ve made!

A friend who works as a photographer saw this and wanted one themed for her business, too. I decided to make her an instant camera that has business cards pop out where the Polaroids would pop out if it was a real camera!

The lens was fun to make because it had to be black on the inside, so it took some thinking. But overall, I think it came out well!


So that’s it for this week. Happy Friday, everyone!

Minions De Mayo!

Happy Cinco De Mayo, Everyone! I have nothing Spanish prepared, but I do have minions!

These were done for a coworker whose son loves minions. I’d made him a minion doll before, but he gave it to his niece on a visit, even though he didn’t want to. When my coworker told me this, I thought, “well, that kindness needs to be rewarded!” And I made him another at half price. I also made him a big minion backpack to put his little minion in!

Overall, I think it came out very well, and my coworker was very happy with it!

Bee Bag!


So not too long ago, I decided it was about time for a new bag. I was going to make one similar to my last one, which was generically bag-shaped, but then, while looking for what color I wanted, I found this adorable grey-yellow striped yarn and thought, “Why don’t I make a barrel bag that looks like a bumble bee? And thus, Bee Bag was born!

I was so proud of him, I had a professional photographer take pictures of him at Beyond the Chaos Photography. Here’s how they came out:

His wings are pockets!

Happy Friday, Everyone.

More Tidbits!

Just a couple of little projects I’ve been working on in the last few months.


A coworker recently sent me a picture of a headband they wanted for themselves. Super cute!

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, hat

And I was happy to oblige.

Although my picture didn’t come out as good, I think the headband came out perfectly!

Also, remember that frog I made for mom? This one:

He got some St. Patrick’s gear. I guess I’m a little late on posting this one.

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Sock.. *Ahem* yarn monkey?

I know somebody who LOVES sock monkey. You know- the monkeys that are made with socks. And she asked me to crochet one for her!

In retrospect, I could have cut up some socks and made it out of those to make it authentic, but I tried that with a towel once and I’m still working out the terrible, terrible kinks.

So instead I made it some clothes!

Evening Wear

Winter Wear

And that ugly T-Shirt everyone has that they refuse to leave the house in.

I’ve since gotten better at making shirts.