I’ve been busy!

…With getting married and such. But I’ve also done a little bit of crocheting! So here’s just some catch-up:






Sleeping Bear Baby Blanket




Mug Sweater



So I guess I really haven’t accomplished much for how long I’ve been gone, but I’ll hopefully have more time for crocheting in the near future!


This one is actually my very first crocheted doll and my first completely patterned project! Everything else I’ve made has been personally patterned by me, but this one comes from the lovely Sharon Ojala of amigurumi to go. I think it came out quite well!



And of course, I had to add a topical picture of me sewing the eyes in.


The Importance of a Prototype

There’s a sweet girl at work that’s been really nice to me about my crocheting, and her sharing of what I’ve done has actually gotten me a couple of sales, so I wanted to do something for her. When I found out her favorite animal was an elephant, I made her one, but wasn’t overly happy about the way it turned out. Planning to ignore it and move on, I chalked it up to just “not my best work,” until one of our co-workers came along and- seeing her elephant- wanted to buy two of them! I vowed to make them look even better than the original, and I did!










On the left is the prototype, and on the right is the finished elephant for sale, in the colors the buyer wanted.

Improvements made:

  • Less strained arms
  • Rounder body shape
  • More elephant-y ears
  • Better length of trunk
  • New Alabama colors =)

I’m ultra proud of the difference between the two!





I offered to make this little guy back when I first started crocheting, and agreed to make it for just the yarn. The buyer stalled long enough for me to get good and confident in the crocheting business and still hadn’t gotten the yarn, so I got it myself because I was running out of things to make. But he agreed to reimburse me.

I don’t know why I gave him yarn eyes instead of button eyes, but it is definitely his biggest downfall. But I think it’d definitely be worth making another, as he was fun to make and came out so darn cute!




Embrace the Granny Square

A beautiful craft taught to me by my good friend Kaylee. There are tons of ways to craft granny squares, and now thanks to her, I know one of them! And it’s probably the only one I’ll use till the end of time because life is easier that way. (No, I kid).

But I used my excellent new skill to crochet a baby blanket for a pregnant friend at work who, as luck would have it, has a gender-neutral favorite color, as we don’t know the gender yet.


And that favorite color is orange. Orange. Whose favorite color is orange? Hers, apparently. I confronted her on this and she said, “You know, like the sunset,” and I was like “huh.” And then, after I was almost done with the blanket, she came to me with a skein of orange yarn that was very much not the yarn I’d lovingly used to crochet her baby’s blanket and said “This is the closest color to what I’m talking about I can find.” Curse my critical nature. But she ended up liking the blanket, and has even since then started to crochet! Blankets. Without granny squares. But I’m sure that’s a coincidence.


After that fun, I made a doily for a co-worker and a tablecloth for a friend, which was just an over-sized, pentagon-shaped doily that I was too embarrassed to take a picture of. But he’s the first doily:


I even crocheted a little bow to wrap it up with because presentation is everything.

Granny squares are fun- overall, they may be close to my favorite thing to crochet.

As Promised, an Update on Headbands

So, in a post a little while back I featured my new crocheted headbands and said a couple of coworkers were wanting them. All in all twelve (Twelve!) Coworkers ended up wanting one! I was only able to get a picture with five of them because of days off and different shifts, but here’s what we all look like in our new Walmart-themed headbands!IMG_2280

And then, when a friend of mine saw me making one, she remarked on how cute it was and asked if I could make one for her daughter-in-law. So I made one for both of them! Here’s that picture.


I swear headbands just make every group cuter.