Mom’s Frog

So last Christmas, (yes, you read that right. I procrastinate,) I was telling my mother-in-law that I wanted to crochet everyone’s gifts that year, but couldn’t think of  anything to make her. She had an immediate suggestion! She showed me a picture online of a frog she loved.


(Disclaimer: I didn’t make the frog in the above picture.)
I rather liked him, too, but was nervous about making him. It’s one thing for someone to ask “Make me something minion-y” or “make me an elephant!” Those things give me creative reign, and if it doesn’t come out exactly as I wanted it to, that’s ok because they’d never know.

This, however, was an entirely different story.

But she liked the frog so I endeavored to try!

Aaaaandd… I screwed up. Kinda.

I spent the entire time thinking about how it was coming out all wrong. First, the head was wrong because I couldn’t get the eyes to be bulbous enough. Then, the torso was wrong because the neck was too thin and the collar didn’t have enough poof. Then, the legs were wrong because what was meant to be a bend came out as a chunky thigh. In short, I had no idea how to replicate this frog, and could find no similar patterns anywhere. Overall, my stalling due to perceived failure made the project take months longer than it should have, especially with all the pulling out and re-crocheting I needed to do.

And how did she feel about the finished product?

With a smile on her face, she told me it was the best looking thing I’d ever made.




I’d be inclined to disagree with her if they didn’t say the customer is always right. The jacket’s removable, so I can craft her seasonal jackets and ones of different color whenever she likes! (Although it looks no good without the jacket on.)



Looking at the pictures side-by-side, (or top-by-bottom?) it’s clear which one is better, but I’m glad that my creation at least got the point across. Now I just really need to work on figuring out how to get quality pictures!

Penguinner! You know.. like.. “penguin winner.” Penguinner. It works. Trust me.

And it IS a winner!


More specifically, it’s a winner in the “improvements” department, which was also the theme of last week. Here’s my first penguin:


This one actually has feet!

He’s a little shapelier, a little softer, and has thicker flippers that aren’t actually lopsided. I don’t think he’s perfect, but at least I’m getting better!


Improvements are great!

One of my favorite things about crocheting is looking at past work and seeing myself improve. And after that monstrosity last week, I could do with some favorite things. And some improvement. Like this!


Both of these elephants were, oddly enough, made for the same person. For some reason she wanted another elephant after I made that prototype, and I was happy to oblige. Here’s a better picture.



I’ve already talked about improvements made to original elephant, because I made a couple of Alabama-themed ones, so I won’t go down the list, but I do want to say how happy I am with those feet! I think they came out splendidly stubbish, and completely elephanty. How wonderful.


My Grandma-in-Law lives in a cold area that ices over easily, and I’ve heard her talk about the dangers of getting her mail everyday. After seeing a bag I made for my Mother-In-Law, she exclaimed how much she loved in and I asked her if she wanted one, which resulted in this!


A mailbag! Although you can’t really tell by the photo. Here’s a better one:


I put a little envelope on the back!


She was super happy with it when she got it, which is always great. And because it’s double-crochet instead of single-crochet, it took half the time! I figured it was okay for the holes in between to be a little thicker, since all that it was meant to hold was mail. I don’t have a picture of the one I made for my Mother-in-Law, but it was single-crochet like the one I made for myself which was what originally made her want one. What can I say; I’m a trendstarter.

Here’s mine:


Minion Paraphernalia!

One of my favorite coworkers has a son that looooves minions. I couldn’t resist giving the little yellow dudes a try! This plushie is made entirely without pattern- completely free-handed. Unfortunately, I forgot to write the pattern down! If I want to make another, it’ll probably come out looking a little different.





I also made him this minions hat. I was super proud of the idea to make the goggles accessible! And the best part was that they stayed up without needing a clip or button! And they stayed on the face pretty well, too. But if I was to make another, I would definitely shorten the nose bridge pidscn0926ece or remove it altogether. I guess I overestimated the distance between human eyes? But it still came out cute, I think!





…Oh no! I didn’t actually get a picture! I have to rely on asking the person I gave them to for one.


…Yup. These sure are slippers.

And there’s really nothing at all to say about them.

You walk in ’em.