Another day, another doll for my favorite crochet-loving family. The owners of The Green Arrow and The Flash have a sister, and I couldn’t leave her out! This time, it’s Deku, a character from My Hero Academia, an anime that’s greatly rising in popularity right now.

I’m a pretty big fan of his cute little dress shirt. I’m thinking with Halloween so close, I’ll be using that design for some spooky dolls pretty soon 😉

Happy Friday, Everyone!



The Flash

I made the Green Arrow for a friend’s son a few weeks ago, and his brother just so happens to be a fan of superheroes, too! So of course, I had to make something for him as well. He wanted the Flash! It’s always nice getting to choose which style of character I prefer to crochet. There have been a lot of versions of The Flash, but I’m always a fan of crocheting the more old-fashioned versions of cartoons. I find that they translate into crochet the best.


The hardest thing to work out here was the helmet, but I wanted to stay true to the original design, so I worked it out with a chainstitch.

The finish product has a little smile that I didn’t have time to photograph, as I added it last minute. All in all, I was thanked profusely when he got to his owner! It really warms my heart to crochet things for such sweet kids.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Blue Baby Blanket

A couple of weeks ago, I found out that my stepbrother is having a baby girl! Naturally, my first thought was “I need to crochet something for my niece!” This little one will be my third niece, and the only one so far I haven’t made anything for. (Someone needs to give me a nephew.) Their nursery color is going to be a turquoise blue, so I picked out one of those color-changing skeins to make it.

I made three separate pieces and crocheted them together. Would you believe that the skein naturally changed colors that way? What are the odds!

Here’s the back.


Happy Friday, Everyone.


I have a friend who’s a Cyborg fan, and he had a birthday coming up, sooooo…

I’m pretty pleased with how this one came out! Also, I’m pretty pleased with the pictures I took, because I toyed around with lighting. It’s not perfect, but I have some before and after pics showing the improvement.

This was the first pic I took:

And then I played around with it and got the others! Which I think are much better. Back on topic, though, I gave Cyborg a little gun!

Happy Friday, Everyone!



Oooh, am I proud of this one. Be prepared to be loaded with pictures. So many, in fact, that I’m going to add a “read more” line so this post doesn’t clog up the main blog page. But there’s so much to present! First things first, meet Tiamat:


This is the five-headed dragon mother from D&D. But the fun part about the crocheted piece is that not only does she have five heads, but each head is unique.

Each head has its own horns, ear shape, and frill/back spikes to made it different from all of the others.

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Green Arrow

Recently, a family friend’s son celebrated his first birthday! His family is a fan of superheros, and his name is “Archer,” so naturally, I decided to make him the Green Arrow as a gift.

This one has a little bit of utility. His hood is removable!

He has a bow!

…Actually, that’s the end of the ‘utility.’

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Elephant Pillow

Holy crud! It’s been almost two months!

But I guess that makes sense. Life has been a little crazy lately, and I needed a break from blogging, but I haven’t taken a break from crocheting! I’ll be continuing my schedule of updates every Friday, so stay tuned. 😉

As for this week, I present to you:


This little one was sitting in my house awaiting the person who ordered it when my niece came to visit. She’s only two, so I told her she couldn’t play with it, but she could feel free to pet it if she wanted. She was so good, and I could see from her awed expression that she really liked it even though she couldn’t play with it, so she’ll be getting one of her own on her birthday!

As for the person it belongs to, I really hope they can enjoy it! It’s a soft yarn so it’s super comfy.

Happy Saturday, Everyone!