Eevee has long been one of my favorite pokemon, so when I found a purple yarn perfectly matching Espeon, I couldn’t resist!


I posted it to Reddit and got some great reactions, as well as some orders for more eeveeloutions! Within the week, I’d made almost the whole bunch.


It was great seeing all of these little ones together, and taking these group pictures with them. I’m sure finishing the set is in my future, too!


I have the espeon pattern that I made up on my shop here.

The others will be soon to follow!

Happy Friday, Everyone!



A little while ago, I posted those three cats from Fairy Tail on Reddit, and someone wanted me to make them one. I told them I could also make any other character from the anime, and thus:


I also included one of the cats!


I’m very pleased with how this one came out. I think this is my best use of single-strand yarn hair yet!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Dice Bag!

This one’s for all the D&D lovers out there. I made a wizard-themed dice bag!


There’s a pull opening in the bottom, so the dice/other items won’t fall out, but the structure of the hat isn’t ruined.


I made another one like this a long while ago, but it was too small to hold all the dice, so I gave it to my cat.


Happy Friday, Everyone!


This was an order from the same person that ordered my gold dragon. I love how much little kids love crochet!


It was actually pretty fun to make, too. I might make a pattern for this one, maybe.


The legs are pretty pose-able, so I’m sure he’ll have plenty of fun playing with it!


Happy Friday, Everyone!

Little Animal Friends

Ok, so this one is totally cheesy. But whatever, it’s how I roll.

I made little helper animals for my sister and her roommates for Christmas. Each one of them came with a little poem that personified what they’re lucky for. I didn’t write names on them, so they had a lot of fun picking out which animal went to which person! They are as follows:


I have a little Panda Friend
To help me through the day.
He helps me to take care of me,
With food and sleep and play.
It’s stressful when you feel like there’s a lot that must be done.
But if I lived like Panda Friend, well that would be more fun!


I have a little Hermit Friend
To help me through the day.
He helps me to come out a bit
When I want to hide away.
Sometimes I try to fit myself in shells that aren’t my size.
But me and Hermit Friend will find a cozy compromise.


I have a little Snaily Friend
To help me through the day.
He reminds me to keep my hope,
Even when skies are grey.
It’s hard to remain positive when rainy days are here,
But dewey weather makes for me the perfect atmosphere!


I have a little Turtle Friend
To help me through the day.
He reminds me to take it slow,
And live my life my way.
The speed I set myself to go is always the best pace.
So Turtle and I smell the roses AND we win the race.

And lastly…


I have a little Badger Friend
To help me through the day.
He reminds me to WIN ALL FIGHTS!
I sometimes can be timid, but now I WILL HAVE GALL!
And me and little Badger Friend will go DESTROY THEM ALL!!!


Happy Friday, Everyone!

Ambidextrous Blanket!

Happy New Year, Everyone! As always, I have a little bit of a backlog from the last year, so I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks posting things I made in 2018. Starting with this!

I think this blanket is a great thing to start the new year with because it speaks to one of my achievements from last year. I learned to crochet left-handed!

I was taught right-handed, so I’ve always crocheted that way, even though it’s not my dominant hand. When a student wanted to learn left-handed, I made the switch to teach her. After a couple of lessons instructing her, I realized that I wasn’t even conscious about how awkward the switch felt anymore. That’s when I decided to make this blanket!


This blanket was made both right-handed and left-handed! When I got to the end of my row, instead of turning my work, I just switched hands and started going the other way, giving it a pretty unique stitch.

It also presents a milestone for me because I know, for once, how long it took to make! People always ask me, but I’m horrible at keeping track. Not this time, though!

The blanket took me 16 hours and 42 minutes to make.

When I started out, I timed myself with both hands to see the difference.

One row with my right hand took 6 minutes to finish.

One row with my left hand took 11 minutes to finish.

I recorded this at the very beginning of the project. I also timed myself when I was almost done to see if I’d improved any, and I had!

One row with my right hand took 4 minutes

And one row with my left hand took 7 minutes.

Yay improvement!

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with everything about this blanket, and I hope the new year can bring me as much success.

Happy Friday, Everyone!