Spyro is a dragon that’s been near and dear to my heart since I was little. The classic Spyro games were some of my very first, and even after I’d won them all, I’d spend HOURS just messing around as the little dragon. So when someone approached me about making one, I was thrilled to have a shot at crafting the little dragon!

And I think he came out pretty well!

I actually made a pretty big mistake while I was crafting him: my customer wanted him to be 9″ tall, but I forgot to calculate the horns when making him, so he ended up a whopping 14″.

The felt eyes are also new for me. Up until now, my eyes have either been buttons or crocheted, so I was pretty nervous about the idea of cutting them out. (Drawing is not my strong suit.) But it actually worked fairly well! Here’s a picture of him in the shop where I sent him off. The lighting’s not great, but I think it shows how well he stands up on his own.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome! After sharing the pictures online, I already got two more orders from other Spyro lovers. It’s good to be able to pass on something like this to someone I know will appreciate it.

Happy Friday, Everyone!


Piggy Bank!

It’s a piggy! It’s a bank! And yes, it actually holds money.

This little guy has been floating around in my mind for some time. I was thinking it’d be really cute to make a little crochet piggy bank. And I was right!

When I told some friends about the idea, they asked “Doesn’t it get droopy? I figured it would, but I was surprised by how little it does! The picture below is the pig without stuffing (or money.) Of course, the head and legs are stuffed, so the only hollow part is the middle.

Overall, I think he’d make a perfect little gift, especially for young kids or babies. But because I’m keeping him for personal use, he has a plug on the bottom that has to be unraveled to get the money out, and can be re-crocheted when he’s ready to hold more!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Rubik’s Blanket!

I’m excited to share this one! I’ve been working on this for months as a custom order, and I was thrilled when I was finally done with it!

It’s meant to look like a 3D Rubik’s Cube, and I think I did the job well! It’s a queen size – my biggest blanket yet – so I have plenty of pictures of it. Including works-in-progress:

And it was a mess to tie in all the loose ends; there were so many color changes!

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the result. And it’s so soft! This was one order I was proud to deliver.

Happy Friday, Everyone!


I actually made this one ages ago – back when I was doing Simbi. It was made as an order that never responded, so I gave it to my niece. I only recently was able to get a good picture of it when I visited.


Doesn’t she look so chill?

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Black Panther

Black Panther is officially out of theaters, so I guess I waited too long to post this for it to be too relevant, but better late than never!



Alas, this is another one of those times where the lighting has gone astray. I guess it’s time to re-dedicate myself to taking proper pictures and not be so hasty to send the works out. It actually looks the most decent in my “clutter photo” of him. (The photos I take quickly to send to family and friends, but don’t usually post on the blog because my house is in the background):

Happy Friday, Everyone!

A Couple of Smalls

Here are a few small projects I’ve finished recently:


My Brother-in-Law is close to finishing his second book, and the cover has been revealed (above) so I made him a bookmark to match!

Although, honestly, I never really got the point of crocheted bookmarks. They’re pretty thick, so your book won’t close flat. So I guess I don’t really expect him to use it, haha.


Tails from the Sonic series. I wish I’d gotten a better picture of this one (the lighting is bad and his face looks squished in it) but I was in a rush to send it.

And this scarf! Which I actually made ages ago, but forgot to share. I guess I make a lot of little things like this without getting them to the website.

Happy Saturday, Everyone!