Barn & Friends

Wow! I haven’t posted for months! I guess that’s what happens when life gets busy and I also forget to take pictures of the things I make (and also have a lot of repeat orders so there’s no point posting them on the blog, ((even though I have like, three posts about octopi; they’re an exception, okay?!))) So, I’m going to get better about posting every Friday again, at least for a couple of (hopefully) months.

In the meantime, Barn!

It’s made out of foam, so it’s pretty soft and squishy. It has some stables, a loft, and a ladder on the inside. I also made some animals to go with it.

This was all made for my niece for her birthday, and she loved it! It’s such a great feeling when things come out right- especially a big project like this. Hope that made this post worth the wait! Happy Saturday, everyone.


Octopus! Again!

I know I’ve posted plenty of pictures of octopods here before, (they’re just so fun to make!) but recently I got my biggest octopus order yet: a man wanting an octopus that was three feet long! 

I gave him one of those little suckly octopus mouths, but the buyer asked if I could replace it with a smile. This is a quicky picture I took after that.

Here are some pictures I took before that point, though.

He said his son loved it! He also gave me a picture- which I always adore getting from customers. It makes the octopus look huge!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Probably my Most Unusual Order

So a little while ago I put myself out these as available for strangers to order from me. I’ve already shown a couple of those orders on my blog, but probably the most unusual one that was requested was “a teardrop with a face and wings.”

So there it is.


Happy Friday, Everyone!

Pretty Pitty

I have a friend that used to be a co-worker who’s in love with her pet pitbull. She’s had her Sugar for a long time, and that dog is her child. So I thought she’d really like a mini-replica of her!

She ended up pretty happy with the surprise gift, so I’m glad!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Koala!.. And Tree!

A got an order a little while ago for a koala! Her specifications were to make sure it was koala-shaped, because all of the other koala stuffed animals she found stood on two legs. I told her I could make her a cozy, so it’d be hugging a mug, and she asked straight out if it could just be hugging a tree.

I’ll have to admit, I was a little concerned I wouldn’t be able to make a “cute” tree, but I think it came out well!

I’m actually rather proud of him.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Canadian Jellyfish!

This jellyfish is my very first out-of-country order! I’ll have to admit, I was pretty surprised to get an order from Canada! (And equally surprised by the shipping fees..) But here he is!

And in the box on his way to Canada! (The customer asked me to add rosy cheeks last-minute).

He was actually pretty fun to make! And definitely something I’d like to do again. I think I know someone that’d be interested in having one as a gift, this may not be the last jellyfish you see on here!

Happy Friday, Everyone!