This one was a request from my sister!

It’s Gracie from animal crossing.


Not much else to say about it!


Happy Friday, Everyone!


I Crocheted my Hairstylist

My hairstylist is great. My husband and I both use him, and haven’t gone to anyone else in years. We go together when we get our hair cut, and he makes us laugh the whole time (as well as doing a great job with our haircuts.) I always bring him something extra as a tip, whether it’s some tea or snacks or something crocheted. One time I made him a retro tissue-holder, because when he learned I could crochet, that’s what he wanted. Our last visit, I offered to make him a little replica of himself! This is he:

When he said he’d like one, he made it clear that we wanted a little bald spot on the top like what he has. So I had to oblige. I also got his permission to post his photos to the internet!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Tag with Ryan

Jeez, have I really not posted anything since April? Goes to show, I guess, crochet may be my thing, but internetting really just isn’t.

But I do still love to share my work, so here it is!

My niece likes Tag with Ryan, so I made her a doll from one of her favorite costumes there. Her mom posted it to facebook, and I got another order right away for a different Ryan costume:

All in all, a pretty quick craft, but a fun one!

Happy Friday, everyone!


I’ve done a little tidbit post before, and it’s about time for another one. Tidbits is where I like to post the obscure stuff that wouldn’t normally get their own post. Like, for example, a crocheted plane keychain.

This one’s actually a little funny because it says “Spanair” on it and it actually went to Spain! I should have let it fly itself. Those shipping costs are horrendous!

Also, this is a little Spriggan from Final Fantasy. Another custom order. I was pretty pleased with the fuzziness of the yarn, which I managed to accomplish by combing it out with a wire brush like I did with my eevees a few posts back. When I asked if she wanted it to be fuzzy, she gave me the choice. It’s more work to comb out all the yarn, but I think it looks better this way, so I couldn’t pass it up!

And lastly, a blanket! This one was a re-creation of one of my client’s kid’s blankets that got destroyed. I tried to match it as closely as I could for those sentimental brownie points.


That’s it for tidbits. Happy Friday, Everyone!

Five Foot Alligator

I feel like there’s some supremely catchy song-themed pun that I am severely missing right now, but I can’t think of it! Therefore: the title of this post is “five foot alligator,” which is exactly what I crocheted.

This one was for a young boy that has many of my crocheted amigurumi (and a little of my heart). He wanted an alligator “as big as Nana!” which I find just adorable. Luckily, his Nana and I are the same size, so it was easy to measure.

It was NOT so easy to crochet! But very worth it in the end. I love this photo I have of it sitting in the car on the way to be delivered.  I almost buckled him in!


Happy Friday, Everyone!

(P.S. I figured it out! It should have been “Mashed potato! Five-Foot Allogato!”)

Pink Panther

This is one I never thought I’d do! Pink Panther is one of those cool retro characters that I was pretty excited about. He took me way longer to make than he should have because I had reservations about his nose, but overall, he came out ok!

The one problem with crocheting him, though, was that I could NOT stop humming his theme! So catchy! So Saxophoney! Forever in my head.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Toothless Keychain

Anyone who follows me meticulously and obsessively (haha) would know that two years ago I made a little toothless! (Which you can see here). But this year, in light – I assume – of the new movie, I got another order for a little toothless keychain. It’s always fun to compare things from years back!

Jeez. Looking at it now, it’s clear my photography skills haven’t improved in the last two years. But the sun was in my eyes, so I couldn’t tell that toothless wasn’t in focus.

Yup, that’s my excuse.

Anyway, there’s nothing I can do about it now since it’s in SPAIN.

Happy Friday, Everyone!