Top Ten Great Loves

What IS a great love, anyway? In this post, it could mean a tragic love or a sweet love.. so I guess it should really just be Top Ten Interesting Loves- but that sounds less cool.


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

1) The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender


This book is flooded with love! One thing that’s great about it is that it follows the viewpoints of three generations of women, all scorched horribly in some way by love. It’s a beautiful and unusual book, and I’m looking forward to getting the review up!

2) The Summoning


This one makes the list because – I think – it was the first book I ever read with love in it. I absolutely loved the way love worked in this book: the characters started out hating each other. Derick is just NOT your typical male hunk and I adored that about him. (And no, this isn’t a case of a strange and mysterious man with a dark past. It’s seriously unique.)

3) Cress


I’m not going to spoil anything!! (But it’s great. Read it.)

4) We Never Asked for Wings


You know a book’s good when you bring it up in conversation months after first reading it. This one addressed the conflict between a woman’s true love and the available love (sorta.. best way I can explain it) and there was a whole “I’m not waiting to be your backup” portion that I loved.

5) Fairest


Sorry about the double-Lunar-Chronicles, but I feel like I can do this because they’re two entirely different types of love. The love in Cress was so cute and sweet, but the love in Fairest is twisted and desperate. It’s also undying if you’re looking at who’s loving who.

6) The Winner’s Curse


I love the idea of love between a master and servant- it’s something I haven’t read a whole lot of. What really made this book was how the love between the two shaped the decisions that weren’t connected to each other.

7) White Cat


In a world where a worker can force someone to love someone else, I love the idea of the main characters trying to sort out their actual feelings. (Or.. character. The other one doesn’t knooooow) This was such a good book. Gotta reread it soon to get to Black Heart.

8) Unwind


This one’s in here solely because of how Connor reacted when told to write a letter to his parents. Sometimes the love between child and parent can overcome even the most disgusting of deeds.

Aaaaaaaand, that’s eight! But when do I ever make it to ten, anyways? Looking forward to this week’s TTTs!

Top Ten Books I’ll Never Get Rid Of

This week’s a freebee at Top Ten Tuesday, and I thought I’d make a nod to all of the books that will forever be cluttering my shelves! I know the organizers out there love to tidy and donate and give away books, but I have a dream of someday having a gigantic bookshelf of books that I adore. Here’s ten that contribute to that goal!


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


1) Poison


Perhaps my very first favorite book… and one no one else has ever seemed to have heard of!

2) Redeeming Love


Maybe it’s a bit crazy to have this one on the list.. because I haven’t read it yet! But I just know I’ll love it, and I’ll never lose it.

3) The Summoning


4) The Graveyard Book


I’ve probably re-read those two books more than any other book I own. I guess there’s something about books you loved as a child.

5) The Scorpio Races


There were times this book made my heart stop. One of my all-time favorites!

6) The Lunar Chronicles


My second-favorite series of all time.

7) The Chaos Walking Trilogy

Monsters of Men

My first-favorite series!

8) Future Winds


I actually own several different copies of this book. One’s signed, and one donated to Save a Bunny!

9) Little Brother


This one was given to me by an ex.. but eh. When you love a book you love a book.

10) Twilight


Would it be uncool to say I loved this book before it was cool? Yes, I know we all hate the hype surrounding it, but I was the first of my friends to have heard of it. My sister’s friend let her borrow it, and I started reading it when she was done, but she had to return it before I was finished. I searched around TIRELESSLY to find it! I put my elementary school librarian through heck so that I could finish this damn book. So it’s earned itself a permanent spot on my bookshelf.

Loving this prompt and looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with! Freebee weeks are some of my favorites!

Top Ten Characters Who Are Book Nerds


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that comes up with new prompts every week. This week’s prompt is Top Ten Book Nerds in Books!

Actually, I generally hate this in a book. Especially high-school books. Often times, the characters just prattle on about how their lives are like the lives of characters in books, how they love books, how they carry around books.. and then books are nowhere to be seen anywhere other than the character intro. I hate this! Like, “we just want you to like our character.. obviously you like reading if you’re reading this so THEY like reading, too!” And I don’t know if it’s me, but normally the shy, quirky bookworms are dumb as dirt. I’m sorry, but if you really loved books, you’d have a brain. Anyone else notice this trend?

But I digress! On occasion, having a book in a book is done right. Some such occasions are:

1) Gansey from The Raven Boys



If anyone ever doth love a book in a book, it was Gansey. That’s why this one was first. Let me share a quote that I loved from the book that emphasizes this.

Blue accepted the journal and flipped it open. The journal didn’t immediately choose a page to open to; it was so well-worn and well-stuffed that every page claimed seniority. It finally split down the middle, obeying gravity instead of use.

There are a lot of good quotes about this book. I chose the shortest because I know you’re probably visiting multiple blogs today, but if you want to see more, I did a Thursday Quotables feature on it here.  My review of The Raven Boys is here.

And I’m jealous of Gansey. Someday I hope to find a book that I love so much I wear it to shreds reading it. Ideas, anyone?

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DNF Reviews (Don’t worry, they’re Un-Stared)

So before I get started, I NEED to ask: What are your opinions on DNFing, or not finishing a book? I’ve met people who simply can’t not finish a book and people who will toss them aside at the first rolled-eye. Personally, I’m somewhere in between. I used to never start a book without finishing (even if I hated it) and it’s taken me from a lot of good reading moods to going months without reading because I can’t get past the current book. I’ve never been too good at just chugging along, I suppose, so I converted to DNFing.

I’ll DNF a book…

1) If I get halfway through and realize I just simply don’t care what happens,

2) If I don’t hate a book enough to angrily rant about it for a decent amount of time (which can be just as fun as reading.)

If the book meets both of these conditions, I’ll DNF it. So far in my short blogging lifespan, I’ve only DNFed two books. They are as follows:

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My Very First Book Haul!

Does adding “very” to a sentence like that make it sound like I’m talking to a child? Or I am a child? I guess I have some level of childish excitement, considering I have so many books this month! Also, about the whole “I’ll post every three days” thing… Yeah. Sorry that didn’t work out. Life is too busy. But I’ll post whenever I can.

In other news, I’ve made a “Books I’ve Reviewed” page to organize things a little, and because I’m an obsessive neat-freak, I ‘ve organized them by title, by author, and by star rating!

Anyways, I’ve received more books this month than I’ve ever gotten at one time before, so I actually have enough to show off for a book haul! Let’s hop to it!



There’s my stack. Isn’t it lovely? Biggest I’ve ever had- all at once at least. Other than two I’m DNFing and the nesting manuals, I’ll be reviewing every one of these beauties on the blog! I’ll break them down by where I got them.










The Shack and Crazy Love were both lends from a good friend of mine. I’m looking forward to the Shack, but I think Crazy Love is going to be a DNF, if only because it’s making me feel like a horrible person.









These three, The Selection, The Girl with all the Gifts, and Fairest were all bought at Barnes and Noble. I’ve read the first two and am SO excited for Fairest. I’ll be reviewing The Selection with The Book Dame (and giving it a good review) and The Girl with All the Gifts by myself soonish (and giving it a not-so-good review.)









These two are NetGalley books! The Feuds is my second DNF, and because it’s a NetGalley, I’ll actually be writing a review on why. We Never Asked for Wings is by the same author as The Language of Flowers, which I loved (and might write a post on eventually) and it’ll be the first book that I’ll have ever read because of the author. That sounds crazy, right?











These three are from my local library, and will probably be my next reads, considering I have two weeks to return them. Looking forward to the last two, which the librarian promised would be ‘quirky’.




















Aaaand finally, these four beauties were inherited by The Book Dame, who is currently moving. Yay for people needing to get rid of stuff! I’ve already read Scarlet, but it was the only book of the Lunar Chronicles that I didn’t own, since I’d originally borrowed it from her. Glad to say that it’s all mine now! But you can read her review for it here. As for all the home books, I won’t be reviewing them of course since it’d be a little tricky to review.. a manual… but I might be doing a feature on the My Garden book when I have more time to look at it. This would coincide with The Language of Flowers I was talking about earlier. More on that later.

So that’s my first haul! Very pleased with the amount of books I have to look forward to, and I can’t wait to start reviewing them on the blog! So how’s everyone else doing? It’s been so long- tell me about your lives!



Top Ten Tuesday- Ten Hyped Books I’ve Never Read

This week’s TTT is PERFECT for me! After a library trip, a friend loaning me a ton of books, and a visit to Barnes and Noble where I spent waay too much money, I’ll actually be reading some hyped books soon! I have enough books now to write my very first book haul, and I’ll be doing that within the next few days, but until then, here’s Ten Hyped Books I’ve Never Read!


Top Ten Tuesday is a fun weekly link-up in the community hosted by The Broke and The Bookish where they provide a prompt and other lovers of listmaking join in on it with their own top ten list. Feel free to check them out!

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The (not so) Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

Hello everyone! I feel like every post I say something like “sorry I haven’t posted in a while” or “life is busy..” etc etc. Aaaaand this post is no exception! I actually have quite a lot to talk about but I can’t seem to find the time to write the posts, or in one case, take the necessary pictures. But I’ve made myself a new goal to post once every three days! (And we’ll see how that goes in three days when life gets busy.) I’ll start with this tag!

I was tagged for the Secret Life of a Book Blogger by Forewords and Bookwords. So let’s get started!


This Post Needs A Picture

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As Amazing as You’ve Heard it is: Review- A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

16096824When nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre kills a wolf in the woods, a beast-like creature arrives to demand retribution for it. Dragged to a treacherous magical land she only knows about from legends, Feyre discovers that her captor is not an animal, but Tamlin—one of the lethal, immortal faeries who once ruled their world.

As she dwells on his estate, her feelings for Tamlin transform from icy hostility into a fiery passion that burns through every lie and warning she’s been told about the beautiful, dangerous world of the Fae. But an ancient, wicked shadow grows over the faerie lands, and Feyre must find a way to stop it . . . or doom Tamlin—and his world—forever.

Perfect for fans of Kristin Cashore and George R. R. Martin, this first book in a sexy and action-packed new series is impossible to put down!



Add it on Goodreads  (You think this is just a hyperlink. It’s not. It’s a legitimate command.)

Buy it on Amazon (Hell, I did.)

Wallow in Misery that it’s no longer on NetGalley (I did this, also.)

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My Outrage at a Tumblr Post and a Review to Explain It- Review: The Silent Wife

No, no, NO! 

I just found a Tumblr blog or feed or whatever it is they’re called, and at first I thought “This is pretty cool.” It’s not. “Go Book Yourself” is a feed that takes popular books you like and recommends other books you might like that are related. I got to A Monster Calls and saw that it’d recommended Everyone Sees the Ants and thought “yea, okay. That did have a similar feel, even if I didn’t even like ESTA that much.”

But then.. THEN they said if you like Gone Girl, you’d like The Silent Wife.

Silent Wife Outrage

This makes me so angry! 

I bought The Silent Wife only because it promised similarities to Gone Girl, which I loved, and I felt completely jipped!  The Silent Wife not only is NOT like Gone Girl, it’s the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. I wrote a review on it when I read it about a year ago, so I’m just going to let my past self speak for me when I say I’m suddenly sick of people recommending books based on popular books that you like. Especially when it’s just a marketing scheme. ESPECIALLY when it’s a marketing scheme that works. And now I feel dumb. MARKETING SHOULD NOT MAKE THE CONSUMER FEEL DUMB.

(P.S. I also didn’t like Reconstructing Amelia all too much so YOU KNOW NOTHING GO BOOK YOURSELF)

(P.S.S. You as the reader get to decide whether I was simply speaking to Go Book Yourself in the previous sentence or literally telling Go Book Yourself to go book themselves.)

The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison



(Here’s where I’d add my “Add it on Goodreads” link if I thought that it was even a remotely good idea to add this on goodreads.)

My Thoughts (from the past):

I bought The Silent Wife immediately after reading a review on the back that claimed it was better than Gone Girl. I was sorely disappointed. The beginning of the book dragged on forever, and often it seemed as if there were no plot or point to the information I was receiving. And I was receiving quite a lot of information. A.S.A. Harrison meticulously describes every detail of Jodi and Todd’s average lives, down to how Todd brushes his teeth, (the fast, but WRONG way.) I am not by any means a murderer, but by the time I got halfway through the book and Todd still wasn’t dead I was ready to strangle the man myself and be done with it. I began to write in my head what I would say when I reviewed The Silent Wife, and it wasn’t going to be nice.

But that was halfway through the book, and now that I’ve finished it I have to say that The Silent Wife changed from a book I couldn’t wait to finish to a book I couldn’t wait to continue. Everything seemed to happen all at once and suddenly there was conflict and engagement and surprises, and I very much enjoyed myself once I got to the action. The main characters are deep and philosophical and Jodi’s decent into madness was both believable and interesting. In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed The Silent Wife. Well, most of it. Half of it.

I do think it was a big mistake mentioning Gone Girl, though. Not only does it set standards far higher than this book, in my opinion, can reach, but Gone Girl and The Silent Wife are literally opposites. In Gone Girl, there was a murder at the very beginning of the book and it was the main plot point. In The Silent Wife the murder wasn’t until the very end of the book and how it was going to happen was the main plot point. In Gone Girl, you have no idea how the victim disappeared, and why, and in The Silent Wife it tells you right at the beginning that Jodi will be murdering Todd. No mystery to it. They really are completely different, and I don’t think they should have been compared at all.

Spoiler Tidbit: A lot of the chapters are dedicated to Jodi’s past with her brothers, and in the end it comes to the conclusion that Jodi was abused as a child. This is told at the very end, and I don’t really understand the point of it at all. It didn’t seem important in Jodi’s decision to murder Todd, because through all of the events that happened, in the end it was Alison that convinced Jodi to go through with it and Alison who did all of dirty work, anyway. It doesn’t make sense that that one childhood problem shaped her significantly as an adult, because Jodi is a compliant person, and during the event in question she was not compliant at all. Nor did she learn to accept things as they were. I just don’t understand the point the author is trying to make with that last twist, unless they believe that Jodi’s circumstances alone weren’t enough to push her to murder, which I doubt because I think the descent was very well written and the beginning of the book foreshadows a change in Jodi that she would not have thought conceivable. So if anyone has read the book and has any thoughts on why the author put that piece in, I’d love to hear them.

Three Stars

Disclaimer: The amount of rantiness of this post may make it seem like less than a three-star book, but the three-star rating is my thoughts on the book itself. If I was rating the idea to associate this book with Gone Girl in any way, it’d look like this:

(Zero stars. It would look like nothing at all. Because I hate people now.)

(But not you. Thanks for reading, you’re amazing.)

Quick (and by quick I mean long) Update Post- What’s Going On?


How long has it been since I’ve posted? This is obviously rhetorical because I have that information right here on my dashboard and I can tell you it’s been FOREVER- That’s how long!

No, no, I’m not quitting blogging, I promise. But there has been quite a lot going on lately! I’ve been so busy, I’ve actually read a few books but I haven’t had time to write the reviews! I agreed to work an extra day at my job (I don’t even know WHY I said yes- my least favorite manager asked (and when I say least favorite what I really mean is @$$hole)) that turned into two extra days (how could I say no to a much liked coworker all because I said yes to a much hated manager?) So it’s resulted in what feels like the longest week of my recent life. I’ll admit I freaked out a little, like “I don’t have time for anything!” But I’m ready for life to get back to normal now.


In Danni Mae Blog News:

I’ve read A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (And LOVED it!) so you can be expecting a review for that in the next few days. A recent conversation with Cait at Paper Fury made me realize how important the ends of books are for me personally, so I’ll be writing a post on that soonish, too.

I’m currently reading The Winner’s Curse and I’m about halfway through with that, and I also got my first ARC (!!!) in the mail from BEA (which, admittedly, was won in a contest and not anyone requesting I read their book, but there’ll be a first for that too, someday), Warren the 13th, and I’ll have reviews for those up within the monthish. Yes, monthish is a length of time. (It means sometime within the next year or so because I’M BUSY OKAY?)










Also, with help from The Book Dame, I hope to soon get a pretty “reviewed books” add-on to my sidebar just like hers.


In Writer News:

I’m finally getting back into writing! I’ve had a long, frustrating period of writer’s block ever since I realized I wasn’t as in love with my story as I thought I was (despite my post about it which was written in a feel good moment that didn’t last (but the block did)) and I’m thrilled to finally feel the euphoria of inspiration again! And this time, from an unexpected source. When I was told that most authors don’t publish the first book they wrote first, I thought “But I only have one book in me.” I was planning to finish my book and then maybe consider thinking about another, but I doubted I’d have anything else to write about. So I was surprised when I started visiting the “I write” tabs on blogs and finding that so many writers were in the process of writing more than one idea. And you know what? I realized I don’t have only one story in me (does anyone, really?). I’ve been making up stories since I was little, and although I’d think the majority of them wouldn’t fare well in the publishing world, I’ve found a lot of them can be tweaked into books.

But I ramble. I’m writing my very first contemporary. This is unusual for me, since I normally stick with fantasy, dystopia, and sci-fi, but I’m excited nonetheless. The inspiration for this came from the simple writing styles in Patrick Ness’s A Monster Calls and Louis Lowry’s The Giver Quartet (I reviewed the latter here) and I thought, if these are the styles that really stick with me, maybe I should try my own adaptation of them. The idea came overnight (literally. I work the night shift) and (Good GOD I have to tone down my parenthesis) I wrote the first two thousand words of Do You Believe Me? today. I’ll be making my own “I write” tab if I ever reach ten thousand words. Yay!


In Personal News:

First and foremost, in early July my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our Five Year Anniversary! Huzzah and Hooray.

I’m going to try to sew a mini-teddy bear for Lola at Lola’s Reviews and her rats. (Did you know she has rats?) Anyways, it’ll probably take a lot of patience; my first attempt at sewing a teddy bear resulted in a pattern ripped to shreds in frustration and pieces of fabric streudled over the floor for days. (So, yes, by patience I do mean just a lot of asking my mother-in-law-to-be what to do.)

Also, google chrome insists that streudled is not in fact a word, but I’m so sure it is that I’m leaving it in this post regardless of the angry red spell check lines. No I did not mean that I was straddling fabric on the floor!

My niece-to-be-when-my-damn-man-decides-to-pop-the-question-so-I-can-stop-tacking-TO-BE-onto-everyone’s-name-titles is due in two months! Her name is Evelyn, and I’m very excited to meet her.

In Blogger News:

A few of my favorite articles in the most recent days:

Cait guessed her reader’s favorite types of book covers

Writing on a Vintage Typewriter (whose personal name I don’t know) discussed Bookworm Problems

Maggie Stiefvater and Cassandra Clare made me angry at fandoms.

Josie’s A Court of Thorns and Roses read-a-long will end soon (so twitter up if you’ve read it!)

Loony Literate celebrated her 18th Birthday! Hooray for adulthood!


So- I’ve been out of the loop for far too long. How’s everyone else doing? What’s going on in the blogosphere nowadays? (And does anyone else call it the blogosphere?)