Quick (and by quick I mean long) Update Post- What’s Going On?


How long has it been since I’ve posted? This is obviously rhetorical because I have that information right here on my dashboard and I can tell you it’s been FOREVER- That’s how long!

No, no, I’m not quitting blogging, I promise. But there has been quite a lot going on lately! I’ve been so busy, I’ve actually read a few books but I haven’t had time to write the reviews! I agreed to work an extra day at my job (I don’t even know WHY I said yes- my least favorite manager asked (and when I say least favorite what I really mean is @$$hole)) that turned into two extra days (how could I say no to a much liked coworker all because I said yes to a much hated manager?) So it’s resulted in what feels like the longest week of my recent life. I’ll admit I freaked out a little, like “I don’t have time for anything!” But I’m ready for life to get back to normal now.


In Danni Mae Blog News:

I’ve read A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (And LOVED it!) so you can be expecting a review for that in the next few days. A recent conversation with Cait at Paper Fury made me realize how important the ends of books are for me personally, so I’ll be writing a post on that soonish, too.

I’m currently reading The Winner’s Curse and I’m about halfway through with that, and I also got my first ARC (!!!) in the mail from BEA (which, admittedly, was won in a contest and not anyone requesting I read their book, but there’ll be a first for that too, someday), Warren the 13th, and I’ll have reviews for those up within the monthish. Yes, monthish is a length of time. (It means sometime within the next year or so because I’M BUSY OKAY?)










Also, with help from The Book Dame, I hope to soon get a pretty “reviewed books” add-on to my sidebar just like hers.


In Writer News:

I’m finally getting back into writing! I’ve had a long, frustrating period of writer’s block ever since I realized I wasn’t as in love with my story as I thought I was (despite my post about it which was written in a feel good moment that didn’t last (but the block did)) and I’m thrilled to finally feel the euphoria of inspiration again! And this time, from an unexpected source. When I was told that most authors don’t publish the first book they wrote first, I thought “But I only have one book in me.” I was planning to finish my book and then maybe consider thinking about another, but I doubted I’d have anything else to write about. So I was surprised when I started visiting the “I write” tabs on blogs and finding that so many writers were in the process of writing more than one idea. And you know what? I realized I don’t have only one story in me (does anyone, really?). I’ve been making up stories since I was little, and although I’d think the majority of them wouldn’t fare well in the publishing world, I’ve found a lot of them can be tweaked into books.

But I ramble. I’m writing my very first contemporary. This is unusual for me, since I normally stick with fantasy, dystopia, and sci-fi, but I’m excited nonetheless. The inspiration for this came from the simple writing styles in Patrick Ness’s A Monster Calls and Louis Lowry’s The Giver Quartet (I reviewed the latter here) and I thought, if these are the styles that really stick with me, maybe I should try my own adaptation of them. The idea came overnight (literally. I work the night shift) and (Good GOD I have to tone down my parenthesis) I wrote the first two thousand words of Do You Believe Me? today. I’ll be making my own “I write” tab if I ever reach ten thousand words. Yay!


In Personal News:

First and foremost, in early July my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our Five Year Anniversary! Huzzah and Hooray.

I’m going to try to sew a mini-teddy bear for Lola at Lola’s Reviews and her rats. (Did you know she has rats?) Anyways, it’ll probably take a lot of patience; my first attempt at sewing a teddy bear resulted in a pattern ripped to shreds in frustration and pieces of fabric streudled over the floor for days. (So, yes, by patience I do mean just a lot of asking my mother-in-law-to-be what to do.)

Also, google chrome insists that streudled is not in fact a word, but I’m so sure it is that I’m leaving it in this post regardless of the angry red spell check lines. No I did not mean that I was straddling fabric on the floor!

My niece-to-be-when-my-damn-man-decides-to-pop-the-question-so-I-can-stop-tacking-TO-BE-onto-everyone’s-name-titles is due in two months! Her name is Evelyn, and I’m very excited to meet her.

In Blogger News:

A few of my favorite articles in the most recent days:

Cait guessed her reader’s favorite types of book covers

Writing on a Vintage Typewriter (whose personal name I don’t know) discussed Bookworm Problems

Maggie Stiefvater and Cassandra Clare made me angry at fandoms.

Josie’s A Court of Thorns and Roses read-a-long will end soon (so twitter up if you’ve read it!)

Loony Literate celebrated her 18th Birthday! Hooray for adulthood!


So- I’ve been out of the loop for far too long. How’s everyone else doing? What’s going on in the blogosphere nowadays? (And does anyone else call it the blogosphere?)


10 thoughts on “Quick (and by quick I mean long) Update Post- What’s Going On?

  1. YAY FOR FALLING BACK INTO LOVE WITH WRITING!! This calls for cake. IT TOTALLY DOES. I have been having an absolutely crappy year for writing, but then something suddenly clicked and all I can do is plot books and read and edit and do aaall the writing things and I’m super excited about it. I AM. So that is fun. And I love the title of your contemporary and soo hope it goes over well for you with teh writing. Do we get to hear more about it as you write?! *puppy dog eyes*

    AWK. Thanks for sharing my posts, too. ❤


    • Thanks! And I KNOW it clicked with you- a book in eight days, yay! Once I get to ten thousand words I’ll be writing a “I write” page that has a synopsis for all the stories I’m writing and progress reports. 🙂


  2. Seriously LMAO! I will add the code to your blog the next time that we see each other. You will like it. Super easy to use.
    I am glad that you are writing. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Winner’s Curse. I am guessing that you are going to hate it, because we hardly ever agree, which makes us a perfect balance. We really should read and review some of the same books. I bet it would be entertaining.


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