Quick (and by quick I mean long) Update Post- What’s Going On?


How long has it been since I’ve posted? This is obviously rhetorical because I have that information right here on my dashboard and I can tell you it’s been FOREVER- That’s how long!

No, no, I’m not quitting blogging, I promise. But there has been quite a lot going on lately! I’ve been so busy, I’ve actually read a few books but I haven’t had time to write the reviews! I agreed to work an extra day at my job (I don’t even know WHY I said yes- my least favorite manager asked (and when I say least favorite what I really mean is @$$hole)) that turned into two extra days (how could I say no to a much liked coworker all because I said yes to a much hated manager?) So it’s resulted in what feels like the longest week of my recent life. I’ll admit I freaked out a little, like “I don’t have time for anything!” But I’m ready for life to get back to normal now.


In Danni Mae Blog News:

I’ve read A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (And LOVED it!) so you can be expecting a review for that in the next few days. A recent conversation with Cait at Paper Fury made me realize how important the ends of books are for me personally, so I’ll be writing a post on that soonish, too.

I’m currently reading The Winner’s Curse and I’m about halfway through with that, and I also got my first ARC (!!!) in the mail from BEA (which, admittedly, was won in a contest and not anyone requesting I read their book, but there’ll be a first for that too, someday), Warren the 13th, and I’ll have reviews for those up within the monthish. Yes, monthish is a length of time. (It means sometime within the next year or so because I’M BUSY OKAY?)










Also, with help from The Book Dame, I hope to soon get a pretty “reviewed books” add-on to my sidebar just like hers.


In Writer News:

I’m finally getting back into writing! I’ve had a long, frustrating period of writer’s block ever since I realized I wasn’t as in love with my story as I thought I was (despite my post about it which was written in a feel good moment that didn’t last (but the block did)) and I’m thrilled to finally feel the euphoria of inspiration again! And this time, from an unexpected source. When I was told that most authors don’t publish the first book they wrote first, I thought “But I only have one book in me.” I was planning to finish my book and then maybe consider thinking about another, but I doubted I’d have anything else to write about. So I was surprised when I started visiting the “I write” tabs on blogs and finding that so many writers were in the process of writing more than one idea. And you know what? I realized I don’t have only one story in me (does anyone, really?). I’ve been making up stories since I was little, and although I’d think the majority of them wouldn’t fare well in the publishing world, I’ve found a lot of them can be tweaked into books.

But I ramble. I’m writing my very first contemporary. This is unusual for me, since I normally stick with fantasy, dystopia, and sci-fi, but I’m excited nonetheless. The inspiration for this came from the simple writing styles in Patrick Ness’s A Monster Calls and Louis Lowry’s The Giver Quartet (I reviewed the latter here) and I thought, if these are the styles that really stick with me, maybe I should try my own adaptation of them. The idea came overnight (literally. I work the night shift) and (Good GOD I have to tone down my parenthesis) I wrote the first two thousand words of Do You Believe Me? today. I’ll be making my own “I write” tab if I ever reach ten thousand words. Yay!


In Personal News:

First and foremost, in early July my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our Five Year Anniversary! Huzzah and Hooray.

I’m going to try to sew a mini-teddy bear for Lola at Lola’s Reviews and her rats. (Did you know she has rats?) Anyways, it’ll probably take a lot of patience; my first attempt at sewing a teddy bear resulted in a pattern ripped to shreds in frustration and pieces of fabric streudled over the floor for days. (So, yes, by patience I do mean just a lot of asking my mother-in-law-to-be what to do.)

Also, google chrome insists that streudled is not in fact a word, but I’m so sure it is that I’m leaving it in this post regardless of the angry red spell check lines. No I did not mean that I was straddling fabric on the floor!

My niece-to-be-when-my-damn-man-decides-to-pop-the-question-so-I-can-stop-tacking-TO-BE-onto-everyone’s-name-titles is due in two months! Her name is Evelyn, and I’m very excited to meet her.

In Blogger News:

A few of my favorite articles in the most recent days:

Cait guessed her reader’s favorite types of book covers

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Josie’s A Court of Thorns and Roses read-a-long will end soon (so twitter up if you’ve read it!)

Loony Literate celebrated her 18th Birthday! Hooray for adulthood!


So- I’ve been out of the loop for far too long. How’s everyone else doing? What’s going on in the blogosphere nowadays? (And does anyone else call it the blogosphere?)