Double Tags! Coffee Tag and More Happy than Not

I’m so thrilled to have been chosen by Cait at Paper Fury and Joey at Thoughts and Afterthoughts for the Coffee Book Tag and More Happy than Not! I’ve decided to do them together- doing the coffee tag as usual and sticking in my “More Happy than Not” moments below.

The I Am More Happy Than Not Tag was adapted by Shelumiel @ Bookish and Awesome as a companion to Adam Silvera’s upcoming novel More Happy Than Not. There aren’t any rules for this tag than to simply highlight ways you’ve been able to express happiness from the things—big and small—in your life.


Danni Mae Coffee Tag



Note: Many thanks to The Book Dame for helping me figure out how to make that picture above. She’d have made it better (less blurry, prettier) but I’m going to start with baby steps.


SDC11871SDC11871 Game of Thrones.

I was flying to Tennessee recently and was seated next to a man reading the Game of Thrones series. He had out a notepad and was showed me the notes at the end, which was about thirty pages long. I’m sure this is great for other people, but I read for entertainment, not to study. That interaction alone kind of turned me off to the series.

I am more happy than not when I’m flying. I love everything about airplane travel, except sitting next to scuzzy people.


The Night Before Christmas!


This lovely copy was actually given to me and my man by my Mother-In-Law on our first Christmas together! And the mugs were bought from me for my man on our last Christmas. There’s just something wonderful about things that can be described by the word “dapper.”


 I am more happy than not when I’m with my family. Both of them.


The Artemis Fowl Series, by Eoin Colfer.

SDC11863 Artemis Fowl is a book I’ve re-read over and over again. I did a book report on it in the sixth grade that I still have till this day. Artemis was actually also my first book crush when I was younger. Evil mastermind who kidnaps innocent mythical creatures for money? Totally my type. (Anyone who’s met Cole would understand.) Also, the tail in this picture belongs to my cat, Finky, who is determined that she should be a part of these pictures. She’s in the Night Before Christmas one, too, behind the book.

(Behind the scenes with Danni Mae: )


I am more happy than not when I read amazing books. Obviously.


I wanted to say the Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness, (my review here) but I think I wanted to highlight a book that gets a little less attention. (Although, in my mind, there is no such thing as “too much attention” for Monsters of Men.)

White Cat by Holly Black


The plot twists alone in White Cat are enough to ensure that I’ll never forget about it. I think this is a book that deserves a lot more hype than it actually got. It was brilliant and interesting, and I’ll be reading the last book in the series, Black Heart, soon for review. And by soon I mean once I’m done getting all the other books I have to read out of the way. So not soon at all, sadly. But eventually.

Also, Finky misread this as “Grey Cat” and thought it was for her. (More behind the scenes)


I am more happy than not when my cat behaves. This doesn’t happen often.


Victorine E. Lieske

This is the author of Accidentally Married, a book I personally adored. (My review.) Accidentally Married is among my favorite books and definitely my favorite indie book. Also, look at that mug. Does it not just scream “hip”? And the fact that it has no coffee in it at all (who really wants to do all of those dishes? Cut me some slack) totally screams “Hipster.”


Lastly, wedding related, I am more happy than not whenever I’m with my man. He really is like a second half to me, and we go everywhere together.

Alright, lovely bloggers, there’s more to the tag, but I seem to have run out of mugs and also run out of patience for my cat trying to be in every picture. She may be photogenic, but her cockiness gets the best of her sometimes.

It may be cheap tagging people when I didn’t even do the whole tag, but I’m going to anyways!

I tag A bOOkish Owl, Bookshelf Fantasies, Lola’s Reviews, Love Thy Shelf (love that name), and Manyreads!

For all of the questions, check out Paper Fury’s Coffee book tag, and have a lovely day!

27 thoughts on “Double Tags! Coffee Tag and More Happy than Not

  1. I love your button!!! I truly couldn’t have done any better, but I appreciate the mention.
    I love this post with familiar things like piggy cup, penguin cups, and of course the naughty Finkster. She really knows how to play up to that camera.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh! I forgot to mention the curse of the mug! This is my third piggy mug… and it was broken upon arrival! Finky broke the first, I broke the second, and I guess the packaging employee broke the third. I’m going to keep trying though, love that mug.


  2. I lvoe your mugs especially those penguin ones as I love penguins, they are adorable! That owl mug is awesome as well! And your cat Finky is a cutie! She really seemed happy to annoy when you where making those pictures, at least you can get a picture of her ;). My rats never want to sit still when I want to photograph them with my books.
    The Game of Thrones sound hard to get into indeed as all those books are so large, but it has a lot of fans. I don’t think it would be a series for me though. I also would like to name the Wheel of Time series, I read the first 10 books when I was younger, but by the time I got a copy of the 11th book I had forgotten everything. You would need a book to keep track of everything that happens in that series.


    • But you have such good pictures with your rats! I would have never known they were camera-shy. You should mention wheel of time in your post! (If you do one.) I tagged you!


  3. I totally agree about Game of Thrones. I love it but even then, I still have trouble going through it. I’ve been wanting to read Artemis Fowl. I had a friend (who doesn’t read) recommend it, so it has to be good to get him to read haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I just did the Coffee tag as well, and I also picked Game of Thrones for black coffee. That book is just a BEHEMOTH and it’ll take me months to read it… And 30 pages of notes? Err… No thank you.

    I wasn’t big on reading chapter books as a kid (it was mostly short picture books for me), but now that I’m not so young anymore, I definitely want to try out Artemis Fowl. A lot of my reader cousins really loved these books. And young book boyfriends are the cutest. 😉

    As for the More Happy Than Not tag… I’m actually scared of planes. I mean, I’m okay with riding them, but they make me feel really uncomfortable. But of course I agree that I’m happy with my family and with good books. 🙂 I’m too young to be married, but I’m so glad you and your husband are tight and loving. ❤

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings


    • The Artemis Fowl series was a great middlegrade and I’d definitely recommend it if you like the synopsis. Can’t believe you don’t like planes! I get such a thrill at takeoff, and I love to watch the world shrink below me. I try to get a window seat every time. Cole and I aren’t married yet (I’m only 21) but I’m crossing my fingers that he asks soon!
      Thanks for visiting!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have a fear of planes falling, so… D: I never did *really* learn how to swim. o_o Eek, if he does ask, that would be so cute and fantastic! 🙂


      • I hope he does! We’ll be going on our very first vacation together in two months, so I am cautiously optimistic about it! (Cautiously because I want to enjoy the vacation whether or not he proposes, instead of just spending the whole time thinking “Is this it? Does he have the ring now?” and being ultimately disappointed.
        The planes falling thing is totally rational too, because it happens a lot (actually on my second-to-last flight there were some weird noises and I was pretty sure something was wrong..) but you wouldn’t have to worry about swimming because as they inform you at the beginning of every flight, “your seat will separate to become a flotation device in case of emergency.” Always thought it was funky all the stuff planes are double-packed with in order to be comfortable, yet safe.


  5. Haha, your cat! XD When I take photos on my bed, my puppy decides he needs to not only be IN them but to sit ON all my books. -_- But he’s too cute. XD YAY I’M SO GLAD YOU DID THIS TAG!! You have some epic mugs there. One day I’m going to have a mug collection. *nods* My favourite mug says “Sorry If I Look Interested, I’m Not” which makes me giggle because I basically say that IRL all the time and then my sister bought me this mug for Christmas. heh. She knows me too well. Anyway. I love Game of Thrones but I can’t imagine filling a notebook about it! I have a horrendous memory but I’m keeping track of things so far. Granted I’m only on book 2 so we’ll see how it goes…


    • I love mugs! My favorite is my piggy mug, although it seems to be cursed. This is the third one I’ve broken. But I LOVE my piggy mug so I can’t just NOT buy another one, even if they’re cursed! You should feature your puppy sometime! I know I love to feature my cat. (Deep down I’m a crazy cat lady and I’m trying very hard to suppress it for the sake of my viewers). I’m currently wanting a work mug that reads “Best entry-level employee” but it’s $15! Entry level employee mug for management team costs.
      Anyways, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Somehow I missed your comment until I was scrolling through them and realized I hadn’t read yours yet! Eep!


  6. Can I have your animal mugs? Yes? Thank you very much! Aah, this idea of intertwining two tags is brilliant! I am More Happy Than Not that you did both the tags and thank you for the mention! A Song of Ice and Fire really IS tough to get into; it’s also my answer for the BLACK category.


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