Top Ten Tuesday! Romances for People that Don’t Read Romance


Aaaand I’m back with Top Ten Tuesday! This week’s prompt is a freebee, but I’ve decided to go with The Broke and The Bookish’s prompt for it. It’s a good one! Especially since I’ve heard that Romance is one of the least favorite genres among bloggers. And I’d have to say, I agree, for the most part. But something about romance in ANOTHER genre, like a cherry on top, always appeals to me- especially when it’s well done. Here are my Top Three picks! (Yes, I’m cheating, but to be fair I’m only putting books I absolutely loved in this post. Quality over quantity, people.)


For those who love sci-fi:

1) Cress by Marissa Meyer


Cress is on the top of the list for a reason: it is amazing in so many ways, with so many great moments; I loved this book. But one of my favorite things was the romance between Cress and Captain Thorne, which was less like a romance and more like a fangirl’s obsession and a player’s flirting at the beginning, that really bloomed into something significant. I have so many excerpts in mind that I could insert for this post, but I wouldn’t want to spoil anything! How can I say this book NEEDS to be read in the way that I feel it? But that’s impossible. Just know that it’s amazing. Scarlet, the second in this series also had a good romance side-plot, but Cress takes the cake.

For those that love fantasy:


2) The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong


This was one of my favorite series as a kid. I re-read it over and over (then and now) and a lot of that (most of it) is due to the romance between Chloe and Derek. It’s one of those “good girl meets a-hole who wants nothing to do with her” types that ends in genuine caring and affection, which is coincidentally (considering it’s one of my favorite romances) and wonderfully the EXACT same way I got my man! Life’s a circle like that.

3) The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater


Oh-ma-God-oh-ma-Gooood love this book! Read it only a couple of years ago but it’s definitely a re-read that I’ll be reviewing in the future. All of the books on this list so far are five star, but remembering the romance in this one just makes me happy in an excited sort of way. Like, in the sort of way I’d feel as though it was actually happening to me. Which is just how I felt when I read it. What more can I say? Read it. Love it.

So those are my picks. Yes, I know only three on a Top Ten Tuesday is pitiful, but for this type of prompt I wanted to choose only the best. And these three really are.

So what are your top tens?

44 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday! Romances for People that Don’t Read Romance

    • So many bloggers don’t! I usually won’t read a romance that’s not a sub-genre, but I have found a couple of good ones recently, like Accidentally Married, which was a romantic comedy.


    • It shouldn’t have to be patient! That book should be BEGGING to be picked up! I found a meme recently that features all of the books we have on our shelves but haven’t gotten to. It’s called Kindle Kandy by the Book Dame. Worth checking out!


  1. I don’t usually read books that are nothing but romance, but I have read Cress and Scorpio races and both of them have really great romances! I love Thorne and Cress together! They’re just so adorable 🙂

    – Kritika @ Snowflakes & Spider silk


    • Haha, really? That’s a great idea! I once saw someone with an Apple laptop where they drew a Snow White on it holding the apple logo. Meeting so many people that love the Lunar Chronicles lately! Makes me want to find some sort of book club where we can all meet on skype or something and talk about books. I guess that’s kinda what blogging is though, isn’t it? Haha


    • You definitely should! Especially since you like Fairy Tales. The horses in the Scorpio Races are based loosely on Kelpies, which I’ve always found interesting. I thought it was great and it’s definitely worth a try!


  2. Great list haha. I hardly read purely romance books but I love books that have romance in it. I LOVED Cress! Cress and Thorne were so cute! I can’t wait to see more of them in Winter. If I didn’t love Cinder and Kai so much, Cress and Thorne would be my favorite. I’ve been wanting to read The Summoning and Scorpio Races for the longest time. It’s good to know that they have great romance.

    My romance list would include Will Herondale and Tessa Gray from The Infernal Devices. I’d also have Isla and the Happily Ever After! I love this topic!


    • Maybe you can make your own like this! I haven’t read The Infernal Devices of the Happily Ever After, so I’d like to know more about them from you! Also, The Summoning and The Scorpio races were BOTH five stars in my book (haha, book) which means I’ve re-read them or would re-read them. Just finished reviewing The Raven Boys by the same author of The Scorpio Races and I LOVED it! Not as much as the races, though, which was amazing. You should definitely give them a try!

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  3. “Romance is one of the least favourite genres among bloggers” — that’s an interesting thought because most of the books that get blogged about (at least from my feed) are contemporary romances. Perhaps it’s just the way it’s written then, maybe, that irks some readers haha (I don’t have an answer to the why).

    For the longest time, I didn’t know that Scorpio Races was a standalone! (I just assumed that everything Stiefvater wrote was some series-long-world-building). Anyhow, though I’ve given Raven Boys a try (and failed, regrettably), Scorpio Races intrigues me a bit to want to see what it’s about!

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts.


    • Huh- I guess it’s just the blogs I see are usually supporting fantasy and sci-fi, with romance only as a sidenote. Even if you didn’t like The Raven Boys, the Scorpio Races was a lot simpler of a read (and by that I don’t mean dumbed down, I mean more flowy) and was COMPLETELY different. I’m interested to see what you think! Tweet me (or comment somewhere) if you ever read it!


  4. Oh my God, I cannot believe that’s how you met your guy! You’re one lucky girl! 😀
    The Summoning was perfect, I still re-read the series every now and then! 🙂


    • Haha! Our love story is one that almost deserves a book of its own. I LOVED The Summoning (even before I met Cole.) There was one point in my life where I re-read it, flipped to the front cover, and started from the beginning again. I went to RT Booklover’s convention last year and got the chance to meet Kelley Armstrong- I was the first at her booth. You can tell she meets a lot of hyped-up fans by her degree of calmness =P

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      • If you decide to write one about your love story, send me an ARC!
        Haha, I would have been hyped-up too if I met her!
        Can’t believe you met her, I would have gone insane with happiness!


      • Haha, I think I may have been a little TOO excited. She seemed unfazed to the point of annoyance, though so I get the idea she’s REALLLY used to that. Also met Mary Lindsey, though, and her excitement mimicked mine. As for the ARC, I DO have a book on the way (and by on the way, I mean it’ll be done in maybe about three years if I think it’s good enough,) so I can totally send you a copy when it’s ready! (Even though it’s not a romance. Very topical to this post, its romance is a side-plot.

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      • Hahaha
        Oh my God, you met Mary Lindsey?! I loved Shattered Souls!
        I think it’s nice when authors are as excited as readers, like, “let’s all fangirl together, shall we?”.
        Awww… thanks! 😀
        That’s cool, I hardly read books where romance is the main attraction anyway!


      • The excitement clearly shows on your face! And you’re really pretty!
        That’s great! I haven’t met any authors (yet), so I have to ask; aren’t most authors friendly?


      • Thanks! I went to RT Booklover’s, and everyone I met there was super happy and excited to be there. Authors gave away books and loot and smiles and for the most part seemed as thrilled as their fans to be there. Some authors had long, long (LONG) lines, but were still just as nice to me when it was my turn to get signed. A lot of them even put personal notes in their books. Do you live in America? It’s definitely something I’d recommend! The convention (next time I really want to go to BEA instead of just doing Armchair BEA) was one of the highlights of my short-so-far life! Now, if I met Patrick Ness, that would make my world.

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      • That is seriously so cool!
        No, I’m in Malaysia. I have been wanting to go the book conventions in America for such a long time! To meet authors and other bookworms like me would be a dream come true!
        Unfortunately, we don’t have things like that here in Malaysia. I mean, we have book sales, conventions and all but authors coming here happens next to never!
        That’s nice to hear, glad you had a great time and I hope you get to meet Patrick Ness! 😀


      • That’s so sad!! 😦
        I get to go to conventions very rarely due to my work schedule but it was such a good experience. I know how expensive out-of-country travel can be so I’m so sorry conventions aren’t a thing in Malaysia. But maybe someday you’ll be able to publish your book, it’ll become huge through the blogosphere, and then you’ll meet other authors at the conventions that you’re paid to go to to sell your book!

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  5. These three are actually all on my TBR, but I’ll bump them up a little because I’m SUCH a non-romance reader. Also, I really want to read these books and all my friends are flailing over them. Still, I began to read the Scorpio Races excerpt and just didn’t like it that much, so … :/


    • With The Scorpio Races (and with any of Maggie Stiefvater’s books, in my opinion) you just have to be here. Stiefvater’s world building is slow but sure, and certain quotes from the book are going to mean SO much more once you’re actually there in the story. The Scorpio Races is a book that had me thinking weeks after I’d read it, and it was the kind of book that made me truly hate my job because it was all I could think about at work until I was done reading it. Thanks for bumping up the others, though! I do that too- it’s just easier to start a book knowing someone loves it. These are all Five-Stars in my opinion. Thanks for visiting!


  6. I haven’t actually read any of these books, The Scorpio Races has been on my TBR for quite sometime now. I will defo. bump it up on my reading list now, thank you for sharing 🙂


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