Top Ten New-to-Me Authors that have Become Favorites

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme posted by The Broke and the Bookish where participators can enjoy a different prompt every Tuesday.


Love this week’s prompt! Sometimes Top Ten Tuesday get’s a little hardcore for me, like “Top Ten Authors you’ve read multiple books of” (in which case, I could probably name only three) or “Top Ten books you read this month” and I’m like “with my life, I’d be lucky if I got through ONE! But this week is actually something I can come up with plenty for! Not quite ten… but enough.

1) Marie Rutkoski


I absolutely adored The Winner’s Curse. I loved how it was so full of the questions of human nature and brilliant characters. I haven’t read the second in series yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to it!

2) Laura Ruby


Who didn’t love Bone Gap? This was one of the very first books I reviewed on this blog. Laura Ruby will be one of the few authors on this list that didn’t write a series. I hardly ever read standalones! That being said, I should really make a habit of following more authors on goodreads.

3) K.M. Montemayor


This one may seen a little strange considering I only gave The Circle three stars, but it ended in such an unexpected and exciting way that I can’t wait to read the second, even if I thought the first dragged on a little. I think Montemayor took a huge risk with the drastic changes between the feel of the first book and its ending that really paid off in the end. So I’m looking forward to see where it goes from there!

4) Kiera Cass


The author of The Selection. Cass is one of the few authors of a series that I’ve looked up after the series ended. (Kinda ended). She has such a light and easy reading style- something about it kept me interested even when her characters kept me infuriated.

5) Kim Gruenenfelder


Loved this book! This is- clearly- one of those light and fluffy ones, and I hit it at exactly the right time: in wedding mode. (Even though, unlike right now, I wasn’t actually getting married at the time.)

So I guess I only have half as many as I should, but that’s still more than a lot of the prompts! Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has in store. Happy Tuesday!

10 thoughts on “Top Ten New-to-Me Authors that have Become Favorites

  1. Great list 🙂 It doesn’t matter if you can’t do 10! Sometimes I struggle to get to 10… 🙂 I’m glad you’ve discovered some fabulous authors this year!


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