The (not so) Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

Hello everyone! I feel like every post I say something like “sorry I haven’t posted in a while” or “life is busy..” etc etc. Aaaaand this post is no exception! I actually have quite a lot to talk about but I can’t seem to find the time to write the posts, or in one case, take the necessary pictures. But I’ve made myself a new goal to post once every three days! (And we’ll see how that goes in three days when life gets busy.) I’ll start with this tag!

I was tagged for the Secret Life of a Book Blogger by Forewords and Bookwords. So let’s get started!


This Post Needs A Picture

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Thursday Quotables – The Raven Boys

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means!



But I’m just going to assume you don’t know what it means, because if you knew what it meant, I wouldn’t have to tell you that Thursday Quotables is a meme run by Bookshelf Fantasies and dedicated to the sharing of quotes of interest to us book bloggers. The last time I did this meme, I had no idea how to use hyperlinks. See how much I’ve grown?

Anyways! On to the quotes.

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Kindle Kandy Week One!

Kindle Kandy Pinking

Kindle Kandy is a meme hosted by The Book Dame dedicated to discovering all of those books on your shelf that you forgot you had. First reading the idea, I thought “Pfft. That’s for advanced readers and big-time bloggers. There’s no way I’d have a book that I haven’t read unless it was a DNF.” That’s when I remembered that not only have I gone on book-buying binges unlike anything of my younger days, I’ve been to a convention where I bought a ton of books and also got a ton of free books as a result of friends moving or cleaning out their shelves. So yes, I DO have unread books.

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Thursday Quotables


I’m finding new memes left and right here, aren’t I? Today’s is Thursday Quotables, hosted by.. Drumroll please…
Bookshelf Fantasies!

Why was there a drumroll you ask? Well, because if you’ve read my Top Ten Tuesday post you’d know that two days ago I had no idea how to add a link to words. Well there it is, folks, isn’t it pretty? Learning is fun. Anyways! My quote:

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