Thursday Quotables


I’m finding new memes left and right here, aren’t I? Today’s is Thursday Quotables, hosted by.. Drumroll please…
Bookshelf Fantasies!

Why was there a drumroll you ask? Well, because if you’ve read my Top Ten Tuesday post you’d know that two days ago I had no idea how to add a link to words. Well there it is, folks, isn’t it pretty? Learning is fun. Anyways! My quote:

I’m plucking this week’s quote out of a book that personally skeeved me out: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. But this quote has been sticking in my mind since I’ve read the book, and although it didn’t deserve a trashy review simply because I’m a prude, if I was to rate this book on goodreads or something, I’d just paste in this quote and call it good.



“I had no idea my life was so miserable until I started coming to Angie’s little get-togethers,” Becca whispered, taking a newly clean knife to some Gruyere. We had enough cheese to feed all of Wind Gap quite prettily.


“Ah, well, being conflicted means you can live a shallow life without copping to being a shallow person.”


“Sounds about right,” Becca said.

Simple but strong. This was a thoughtful quote for me. Check out some other quotable Thursdays over at Bookshelf Fantasies!

(Lord, I love that.)

2 thoughts on “Thursday Quotables

  1. Ha ha, congratulations on mastering the fine art of inserting links! Very cool. I like these lines very much. I read Gone Girl, and had been wondering whether to give this one a try. How does it compare to Gone Girl?


    • Gone Girl sure is a lot less gritty. This one has the same strange sort of mystery, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and its writing style, but there’s some reaaaalllly weirdo stuff in there so be warned.

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