My Very First Book Haul!

Does adding “very” to a sentence like that make it sound like I’m talking to a child? Or I am a child? I guess I have some level of childish excitement, considering I have so many books this month! Also, about the whole “I’ll post every three days” thing… Yeah. Sorry that didn’t work out. Life is too busy. But I’ll post whenever I can.

In other news, I’ve made a “Books I’ve Reviewed” page to organize things a little, and because I’m an obsessive neat-freak, I ‘ve organized them by title, by author, and by star rating!

Anyways, I’ve received more books this month than I’ve ever gotten at one time before, so I actually have enough to show off for a book haul! Let’s hop to it!



There’s my stack. Isn’t it lovely? Biggest I’ve ever had- all at once at least. Other than two I’m DNFing and the nesting manuals, I’ll be reviewing every one of these beauties on the blog! I’ll break them down by where I got them.










The Shack and Crazy Love were both lends from a good friend of mine. I’m looking forward to the Shack, but I think Crazy Love is going to be a DNF, if only because it’s making me feel like a horrible person.









These three, The Selection, The Girl with all the Gifts, and Fairest were all bought at Barnes and Noble. I’ve read the first two and am SO excited for Fairest. I’ll be reviewing The Selection with The Book Dame (and giving it a good review) and The Girl with All the Gifts by myself soonish (and giving it a not-so-good review.)









These two are NetGalley books! The Feuds is my second DNF, and because it’s a NetGalley, I’ll actually be writing a review on why. We Never Asked for Wings is by the same author as The Language of Flowers, which I loved (and might write a post on eventually) and it’ll be the first book that I’ll have ever read because of the author. That sounds crazy, right?











These three are from my local library, and will probably be my next reads, considering I have two weeks to return them. Looking forward to the last two, which the librarian promised would be ‘quirky’.




















Aaaand finally, these four beauties were inherited by The Book Dame, who is currently moving. Yay for people needing to get rid of stuff! I’ve already read Scarlet, but it was the only book of the Lunar Chronicles that I didn’t own, since I’d originally borrowed it from her. Glad to say that it’s all mine now! But you can read her review for it here. As for all the home books, I won’t be reviewing them of course since it’d be a little tricky to review.. a manual… but I might be doing a feature on the My Garden book when I have more time to look at it. This would coincide with The Language of Flowers I was talking about earlier. More on that later.

So that’s my first haul! Very pleased with the amount of books I have to look forward to, and I can’t wait to start reviewing them on the blog! So how’s everyone else doing? It’s been so long- tell me about your lives!



31 thoughts on “My Very First Book Haul!

  1. Nice stack! I like the cover for the Shack. I am looking forward to your review of The Selection! I really enjoyed it, although I haven’t read the next two books yet. If you DNF you can also just submit that on netgalley I think? I’ve heard of reviewers who just added a line explaining they didn’t finish or didn’t like it. I am sorry you had a DNF :(, I am always sad when that happens. I hope your next book is better.


    • Yea, I’m not going to give it a star review because that doesn’t feel fair with a DNF, but I am going to write an article explaining why I didn’t want to finish it. I Loved the Selection! I’ll be reviewing it soon. Thanks for visiting!


  2. What a lovely book haul! Ill be looking forward to see your thoughts on The Selection. And all these other books are great. Some are ones I really want to purchase for myself. xoxo


  3. I can’t wait for your review of The Selection! Isn’t it the kind of book that will just make you smile and be swoony? We absolutely adore this book! I’m excited for you to continue the series, you will be extremely happy and we will be here for you to fangirl!!! Oh, no. You didn’t like The Girl with all the Gifts? I’ve been looking at that one! Will wait for your review. 🙂


    • I liked The Selection so much that I went out and bought the second the same day even though I’ve bought WAAAY too many books lately. If you want to read The Girl with All the Gifts, I might be able to do a book swap (depending on where you live). I don’t like it enough to keep it on my shelf but I spent too much on it to give it away D:
      Also considered returning it, but looking at it, it’s obvious it’s been read. I’d feel cheap.

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      • I actually bought the whole series before I started because I can’t deal with cliffhangers. I usually do this when all the books are out that’s why it takes me time to start reading it. lol I’d want to but I’m from the Phillippines and the shipping would cause a fortune *sigh* yeah that book is expensive. You bought it in hardbound?


      • WHAT?! Why is it so expensive??? And it’s in paperback! I usually buy series’ recommended by my sisters and cousins (who I trust) lol. It never happened that I didn’t like the book or didn’t finish it because I have this thing where I get so guilty when I don’t finish a book… so if ever I just always push through. How about you? Do you DNF a book? 🙂


      • I just read an article about this by Paperfury! She, like you, said she never DNF’s a book, but I just can’t do it. I’m not as strong! I used to, but I’ve realized that when a book is really sloggish for me, I’ll go months without reading rather than finish it to get to something that I like, so if I get about halfway through and realize that I just don’t care what happens, I’ll DNF it. Actually, my next review on this blog will be a DNF review (although, without a star rating because I don’t think it’s fair to rate a book without fully reading it.)

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      • You have a very good point though. Why suffer through a book when there are millions you still want to read! But I just really have this guilty conscious that really sucks. I should def read that review. I’ve never read a DNF review. Yeah, I think you’re right about not having a rating. One day when I’m strong enough. I won’t have a rating either. 🙂


      • I used to totally be like that, I mean, how can you NOT find out what happens? But then I’ve read so many books that it would seem I won’t remember what happens either way, even if I finish it, especially if I didn’t like it!

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  4. Wow so many books! The only one I’ve read is Shiver (love that series and Maggie Steifvater), and Mosquitoland certainly sounds interesting. I also did my very first Book Haul recently and was also super excited about it! I would love it if you checked it out. 🙂


  5. ooh you have gotten some great books recently! I hope Mosquitoland is good – I’ve heard great things for it.


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