The Flash

I made the Green Arrow for a friend’s son a few weeks ago, and his brother just so happens to be a fan of superheroes, too! So of course, I had to make something for him as well. He wanted the Flash! It’s always nice getting to choose which style of character I prefer to crochet. There have been a lot of versions of The Flash, but I’m always a fan of crocheting the more old-fashioned versions of cartoons. I find that they translate into crochet the best.


The hardest thing to work out here was the helmet, but I wanted to stay true to the original design, so I worked it out with a chainstitch.

The finish product has a little smile that I didn’t have time to photograph, as I added it last minute. All in all, I was thanked profusely when he got to his owner! It really warms my heart to crochet things for such sweet kids.

Happy Friday, Everyone!