Oooh, am I proud of this one. Be prepared to be loaded with pictures. So many, in fact, that I’m going to add a “read more” line so this post doesn’t clog up the main blog page. But there’s so much to present! First things first, meet Tiamat:


This is the five-headed dragon mother from D&D. But the fun part about the crocheted piece is that not only does she have five heads, but each head is unique.

Each head has its own horns, ear shape, and frill/back spikes to made it different from all of the others.

I had a couple of D&D minis stored away, so I couldn’t resist using them to take some pictures.

The heads are all lined with wire, so even though the work is top-heavy, they’re poseable. The wings were hard to get done just right, but they add a much needed balance to the dragon.

All in all, I’m very proud with how it came out, although I wish I’d gotten some better pictures! I’m working on another order for one right now and I’m using it to write a pattern for it, so maybe next time!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

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