Piggy Bank!

It’s a piggy! It’s a bank! And yes, it actually holds money.

This little guy has been floating around in my mind for some time. I was thinking it’d be really cute to make a little crochet piggy bank. And I was right!

When I told some friends about the idea, they asked “Doesn’t it get droopy? I figured it would, but I was surprised by how little it does! The picture below is the pig without stuffing (or money.) Of course, the head and legs are stuffed, so the only hollow part is the middle.

Overall, I think he’d make a perfect little gift, especially for young kids or babies. But because I’m keeping him for personal use, he has a plug on the bottom that has to be unraveled to get the money out, and can be re-crocheted when he’s ready to hold more!

Happy Friday, Everyone!