Last Post of 2017!

Wow, this year has gone by quickly! I’m particularly excited for this post, because today I’m doing a recap of the entire year of crochet. The good, the bad, and the (unfortunately) ugly. But let’s start with the good!

My Favorites of 2017:

(These were, in my opinion, the best of the best and my favorites to make.)

My Christmas sweater

Barnyard Biss

Tiny Dragon

Tree-Hugger Koala

And of course, my business card holder Octopus.

New Achievements:

(2017 was a pretty prosperous year for the business. Mainly because this is the first year I feel as though I can actually call it a business.)

First Booth

First Shipment Out of Country (From USA to Canada)

First Craft for a Charitable Cause

Ugliest orders of 2017:

(I almost don’t want to have these on here, but what’s progress without admitting failure?

Unrelatedly, this is where I’m putting the “read more” line for those viewing this from the homepage!)

Why is it so creepy?!

This could have been cute.. if I’d had more than an hour to finish it.

I hate to admit it, but this guy isn’t as fabulous as I wanted. Those wings are so awkward!

This kitty was stuffed with a bundle of lavender. So it smelled, great, but made for an awkward shape.


(I adore looking back at my progress.)

The penguin on the left was one of my very first orders. The one on the right is from this year.

That first elephant was horrendous! But that makes the second all the better.

Throwback to 2016:

Before we end this year, I’d like to share a few of my favorites from last year. I hope the gap in improvement continues to grow!

This was one of my proudest moments, as it was when I started to really become confident making my own patterns.

Even though I made this unicorn last year, it remains as one of my favorite works of all time. I need to make more girly things like this!

He may not be the prettiest, (or the most structurally stable) but Pudge was the very first stuffed animal I ever made, and so he’ll always be a favorite.


So what will 2018 look like?

So there you have it: 2017 was a pretty prosperous year. Next year I hope to crochet even more. I’m just now starting to get set up as a legitimate business. My work has been sold and shipped to 11 different states and Canada, and I’m doing pretty well on the homefront, too. I’ve outlined a couple of goals for next year:

  • Begin crafting and selling more work as a shop vendor.
  • Reach out to my community pages, and become more known in crafting circles.
  • Make a major charity project, such as prosthetics for mastectomy patients or octopi for premature babies.
  • (And the biggest challenge) Participate in Fanaticon, an annual convention held locally. I’ll probably make Pokemon paraphernalia.

I guess that’s it for 2017! I hope everyone had a joyful and exciting year, and a great new year to come! For now, here’s some things I made in 2017:

My 2017 Gallery:

Happy 2017, Everyone! And Happy New Year!

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