I’ve published my first book!

Well.. sort of. Does this count?


I wrote this little bunny book for my niece, who loves crochet. It became her Christmas gift, but I made it months ago when I had absolutely nothing to crochet and a big obsession with making new and interesting things. But I’m really proud of the idea and I was so excited to give it to her- even though she can’t read yet. Here’s the full story!


There was a little bunny,

Inside a little book,

Read by a little reader,

Who took a little look.


He knew he was a story,

And he was being read,

But then Bunny decided,

To come and play instead!

He borrowed a few letters,

And made himself a hook,

He tugged and tugged and turned the page…



And came out of the book!

He cuddled with the reader,

He found a place to hide,

But then Bunny decided,

To go right back inside!


There was a little bunny,

Asleep inside a book,

And maybe he’ll come play again,

So come back for a look!

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