The Importance of a Prototype

There’s a sweet girl at work that’s been really nice to me about my crocheting, and her sharing of what I’ve done has actually gotten me a couple of sales, so I wanted to do something for her. When I found out her favorite animal was an elephant, I made her one, but wasn’t overly happy about the way it turned out. Planning to ignore it and move on, I chalked it up to just “not my best work,” until one of our co-workers came along and- seeing her elephant- wanted to buy two of them! I vowed to make them look even better than the original, and I did!










On the left is the prototype, and on the right is the finished elephant for sale, in the colors the buyer wanted.

Improvements made:

  • Less strained arms
  • Rounder body shape
  • More elephant-y ears
  • Better length of trunk
  • New Alabama colors =)

I’m ultra proud of the difference between the two!



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