Embrace the Granny Square

A beautiful craft taught to me by my good friend Kaylee. There are tons of ways to craft granny squares, and now thanks to her, I know one of them! And it’s probably the only one I’ll use till the end of time because life is easier that way. (No, I kid).

But I used my excellent new skill to crochet a baby blanket for a pregnant friend at work who, as luck would have it, has a gender-neutral favorite color, as we don’t know the gender yet.


And that favorite color is orange. Orange. Whose favorite color is orange? Hers, apparently. I confronted her on this and she said, “You know, like the sunset,” and I was like “huh.” And then, after I was almost done with the blanket, she came to me with a skein of orange yarn that was very much not the yarn I’d lovingly used to crochet her baby’s blanket and said “This is the closest color to what I’m talking about I can find.” Curse my critical nature. But she ended up liking the blanket, and has even since then started to crochet! Blankets. Without granny squares. But I’m sure that’s a coincidence.


After that fun, I made a doily for a co-worker and a tablecloth for a friend, which was just an over-sized, pentagon-shaped doily that I was too embarrassed to take a picture of. But he’s the first doily:


I even crocheted a little bow to wrap it up with because presentation is everything.

Granny squares are fun- overall, they may be close to my favorite thing to crochet.

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