This has nothing to do with crochet! New Craft: Waitress book cover.

In my defense, he complimented my headband.

After I said yes, I asked myself “What did I just do! I don’t know how to sew!”

And yet, I offered a complete stranger a  handmade waitress book cover for a friend of his. I can’t say what my logic was-it certainly wasn’t sound- but he complimented the headband I’d hand-crocheted for myself, said I must be crafty, and told me he was looking for someone to make a waitress book cover out of fabric.

I don’t even own a sewing machine!

I went over to my mother-in-law’s for use of her machine and her advice, which I felt horrible for asking because I’d gotten myself into that mess, not her, but in the end, I sewed it mostly by myself, and he- the stranger whose name I still don’t know- seemed pretty happy with the result.



He insisted on paying, and when I refused, he had a co-worker give me a bag that was full of yarn for my crocheting (which he knew about due to a small conversation we had beforehand). And then he said “Next time, I’ll pay. I’ll pay whatever you like for the next book covers.”

…The next book covers. …which…

…I offered to make for him.

..He complemented my headband.

I have issues.

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