Life Update Time!

Wow! Haven’t done of these in a looooong time. But in case you all wonder what’s going on in my highly interesting life (yes, I’m sure you all do), here’s a life update!

This Post Needs A Picture

Wedding Date’s Set!

not-romantic wedding

My fiance and I are getting married on October first! On Tuesday, I’ll pretty much have the whole wedding mapped out, so the next six months are going to be hard! I even picked out a dress, which I’m pretty sure my mother-in-law intends to hide from me until the fitting, because I put it back on immediately after we got home and I want to live in it.

I may go to New York in June!

I want to go visit my family, so I’m planning a trip to see them before Cole and I get married.

Editing is underway!

This isn’t exactly new news, but it’s still a pretty big change! I was considering offering a discount to fellow book bloggers, but I don’t want to punish good authors for not blogging, so my rates are negotiable with everyone! If you are an author or know someone who is- even if the novel’s not even finished- you won’t find any better rates on the internet than mine. I know, I’ve looked.

I’m considering halting the reviews!


This is something I need a little advice on. I find that I just truly don’t like writing reviews, so I don’t want to waste my time with a hobby I don’t even like. I’d still use goodreads as a type of journal for the books I’ve read, and write incredibly short reviews. If I did this, I’d post those here, but the rest of the site would be bookish questions and debates and maybe life updates like this. Any opinions on this?

So what’s going on in everyone else’s life? And- especially- how do you feel about writing reviews? I may make a post centered around this later, but I’d love to hear opinions now!

12 thoughts on “Life Update Time!

    I hope you have fun in NY as well!
    Hm, I think you should post what you enjoy. If you dread writing reviews, then just drop it. IMO blogging is supposed to be fun for the blogger and the reader ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. That must be exciting to have set a date for a wedding and already have your dress! Good luck with your editing business! I think that if you don’t enjoy writing reviews you shouldn’t do it, find other topics you rather write or blog about. I think it isn’t necessary to write reviews if you want to have a book blog. I’ve seen/ heard a few other bloggers who stopped reviewing or adapted another style of talking about books that worked for them. For example you can do a wrap up or a what am I reading type of post so you can showcase what you’re reading/ what you have read and only shortly say what you thought of the book. I personally enjoy writing reviews and can’t imagine not reviewing as it’s part of my reading process now.


    • Yeah! A lot of people are saying that reviewing isn’t necessary for a book blog. I think I’m gunna call it quits on the reviewing, and just write short tidbits on Goodreads. I guess it’s just not enjoyable for me with most books. Thanks for commenting!


  3. Ohh congrats on the wedding date set!! ๐Ÿ˜€ And yay for your editing service. ;D ALL THE EXCITING THINGS, DANNI MAE. Also: I think you should do whatever you want to do with your blog. No point writing reviews if you don’t enjoy it, right?! ๐Ÿ˜›


  4. CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING MARRIED!!! *throws confetti* *throws more confetti*

    Yeah, I (kind of) know how you feel about book reviews. I’ve been getting a little burnt out on them lately, mainly because I’ve been dealing with some other thought-heavy issues as well and my brain is getting tired, but I agree with you. I mean, if you’re not enjoying writing book reviews, I would recommend at least taking a break from them. And then, later on, you may find you want to write them again. But you also might find that you don’t want to do them anymore, and that’s totally fine as well. I’d keep reading your blog with or without the reviews. ๐Ÿ™‚


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