A VERY Longstanding Promise- Music Mondays!

So, what feels like three or so years ago, (but was actually a few months) I promised I’d participate in a meme called Music Mondays.. and then I forgot every single week since, to be remembered promptly on Tuesday. But not today!

Music Monday

Music Monday is hosted by Always Me

My Songs: 

I find that music from TV shows and games has always been my favorite thing to listen to. I love Zelda’s 25 Anniversary Medley, and the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra. But this week, I’ve been listening to beautiful music from a show called Steven Universe. Give this medley a try- it’s beautiful!

As for popular songs, this is my current favorite.

So those are my current tastes. What is everyone else listening to?

11 thoughts on “A VERY Longstanding Promise- Music Mondays!

  1. Well, these are two very different songs. I have not seen any of Steven Universe. Only the recent debate about censor ship in another country on one of their episodes.
    And I have never heard of the other artist either. Not sure if that means I am behind on the times or what. lol

    My Music Monday: Marie @ Pages to Explore


    • Stressed Out plays constantly on the pops radio where I live- I adore the lyrics. And yeah, I’m not all too into the whole censorship thing. If adults think it’s inappropriate for their kids, why should that be a problem? I just think the show’s funny. Thanks for visiting!


  2. I only listened to my first Twenty One Pilots song this week and it was that one! HEHEHEH. I think any song about stress is hiiiiighly relatable. 😛


  3. Thanks so much for taking part this week! 🙂

    I’ve never seen Steven Universe but I love that medley! I may have to start watching it now….

    Twenty One Pilots is great! I love that they do so many different styles. And, yes, especially when you work in retail. 🙂


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