New Year, New Memes – Beautiful People

This will by my very first time participating in Beautiful People, but it’s a good time to start! This year I plan to do far more writing a get a few accomplishments under my belt, so let’s see how this goes!


Beautiful people is a meme posted by Paper Fury that asks writers questions about their characters. It’s definitely good for development and it’s a good way to connect with other writers!

What were your writing achievements last year?

I wanted to finish my first novel, which has a working name of Fade. Definitely not going to stick with that name, though.. do you know how many books on Goodreads are called Fade? Sometimes good titles are hard to come up with.

Tell us about your top priority writing project for this year?

I’m writing a middlegrade with the working title of “Don’t You See It?” But I doubt that’ll be the final title, as it’s too close to “Do You Believe Me?,” another Middlegrade I’m working on, and they’re unconnected. DYSI is about a young girl, Anya, who discovers a monster has been living in her room and influencing her throughout her entire life. As she realizes it’s there, it begins to give her more solid instructions for curing her loneliness, which leads to chaos for her. I’ve barely started, but I’m looking forward to writing more!

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