Blog News!

I did some fantastic collaborating with SDCB Steph and she not only helped me add the “Popular Reviews” sidebar that you now see gracing my blog with its presence, but she taught me how to use GIFS!!


Celebration Dance



Girl With All the GIFS

THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFS!! (Can this be copyrighted if I add a link to the goodreads page?)

But see what I did there?

Tenzin Cheer

Yeah, so I have GIFs now. It’s pretty fantastic. And I promise, promise, promise that I will not be overusing them! (Except on this post.)

11 thoughts on “Blog News!

  1. GIFS ARE LIFE. Honestly, they make everything better. AND OMG THE LEGEND OF KORRA ONE AHAHA. I hereby proclaim you The Girl With All The Gifs. And you should copyright that, it’s genius *nods* I’m looking forward to more 🙂


  2. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. XD actually when I borrowed The Girl With All the Gifts out from the library, there was a sticker over the T. SO YEAH. GIFS FOR THE WIN. XD


  3. Gifs make everything more fun and are so addictive, as in it’s really hard to stop yourself from using too much! (I sound like I’m talking about drugs, I know) 😛


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