Finally Back!

I’m a little scared, actually. I mean, blogging takes up a lot of time and am I ready to commit to this? But it’s been far too long and life is getting a little less crazy, so I’m going to finally announce my re-arrival, fixed with all sorts of excuses reasons for my absence.


1) I have a niece now!


Evelyn Grace was born three months ago and is my very first niece. I don’t have any nephews, either, so other than a cousin that was born when I was ten, she’s the first in-family baby we’ve had for a loooong time! I’m so thrilled for my sister (in-law-to-be, but who cares about that?) who’s turning out to be an amazing mother! This tiny girl has been anything but a little angel, though; she’s been running her mother and grams ragged with a series of medical problems. I help where I can, so I’m other there pretty much any spare moment I can get. But who wouldn’t be, with that sweet face?



2) I’m changing careers!

You know, if you can call what I currently do (overnight stocking) a career. My job pays the bills and I appreciate that, but now I’m looking for something a little more… me. Namely, nannying! I’m don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I want to be a housewife when I have my own kids, but seeing as I don’t, I’m looking to be a housemaid for someone else and THEIR kids! I live next to a military base in Alabama, so I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult for me to find, but I’m doing this at an awkward time- after the start of school. Still, I’d rather have a family that needs me year-round than one that will drop me once school starts again, so everything is a little blessing.

3) I’m getting married!

Wait what? Married? Yes, you heard that right! Married! My boyfriend of five years has finally noticed all of the various hints I’ve been dropping and has popped the question! It was a very romantic proposal including a meaningful location, a delicious dinner, a surprise outing, and an unexpected ‘pop!’ Honestly, I think he caught the baby bug from his niece because he’s been alluding to kids since her birth. Joy for me!


So overall, my life is full of a lot blessings- even if they’re busy blessings! I’m just now starting to get back into the normal feel of things, though, so soon I’ll be coming back atcha with book reviews and – something I’ve never really done but always planned to do and now once again plan to do – bookish topics! Because I love bookish conversations. It also means I don’t need to read as quickly! (Because really who has time for that.)

So how’s everyone doing? Any big news while I’ve been gone? Looking forward to getting back with everyone!