ABEA Topic Day Two: Visual Expressions


Armchair Bea Topic Day Two: Visual Expressions!

Danni Mae Armchair BEA


Yes, this picture WILL be on every one of my BEA posts- I just learned how to do it and I’m very proud.


And we’re on at BEA Day Two! I’m a little late in the game (it’s already noon!) But I had a little trouble coming up with my spine poem. Finally, I decided on this:


Wintergirls Speak Easy of their Fatally Flaky Fragile Spirits but Unwind the Sharp Objects of their Cold Kiss and you’ll find their True Colors are Poison.

Not fluent in and of itself, but I couldn’t make anything without adding a few “if, ands,” or “buts.”





If that’s too wordy for you, I have a shorter and far more accurate poem…


The Truth about Forever: There’s Cake in my Future.


And there is. There literally is.





Anywho, it’s time to get on to the juice of BEA today: Today’s topic!

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