Falling back in Love with your Story

Okay, so I’ve been in a slump for a long time now. Like many bloggers, I’m writing my own novel. It’s hard, but I’ve managed to get 90,000 words out, and a lot of it I was really proud of.


I made a HUGE mistake, and started a conversation with another writer who has completely different tastes. He gave me a piece of his book and asked for a piece of mine. He was friendly and nice, but I knew he wouldn’t like whatever I gave him, and stressed so much about how to avoid it.

I told him I couldn’t give him the beginning, because it wasn’t done. He said that was fine, just give him something in the middle.

I told him that I haven’t edited anything yet. I want to get my story out and then work out the kinks. He said his wasn’t edited either, and he wouldn’t judge.

I told him he probably wouldn’t like it, since it’s kinda of sci-fi-y romance and he’s more interested in hardcore badassery, which my book has very little of. He told me to just send it already.

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