Oh dear. Like, oh DEAR oh dear. My progress is not only minimal, it’s hardly passing negligible. But to be fair, I have excuses!





It started off well enough, but after the first day I was whisked away to a day trip that became an overnight trip that became a dear-Lord-why-didn’t-I-pay-any-attention-to-expectation-vs-reality-memes-trip.

As in:

Expectation: A day trip is a trip that lasts for a day, and then you’re back home in your sweet, clean bed.

Reality: You agree to go to the beach with your friend and her one-year-old and suddenly you’re in a dingy bay next to a trailer park and sleeping in a single bed with your friend, her child, and several overly friendly cockroaches.

I’d make the actual meme if I could figure out picmonkey. Would’ve been funny, too. *Sigh* Just another one of this week’s disappointments.

That being said, when I got home FAR later than my man had expected me to, he wanted to have an all day One Piece and Warcraft marathon to spend some time together. And although I knew my progress was laughable, who can turn down fun-time with the most important person in the world to them? Not only did I not read that day, I spent the entire worknight afterwords with Come aboard, and bring along, all your hopes and dreaaaaaammmmsssss in my head. Not to mention my night-shift schedule was royally screwed by sleeping two nights and staying up most of the previous day.

After work I immediately went home and became comatose until about noon today. So again, no progress.

But hey- I’m completely loving the book I’m reading (or, not really but kind of reading) now!


It’s amazing! Something that’s been on my TBR for a long time. I can’t wait to review it, once I finish the last 50% of it. Which happens to sum up my progress in the read a thon for this week. Yup. An entire week to account for 50% of a single book. Pitiful, really. Thank goodness Bout-of-Books is low-stress.

Bout of Books is here!

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon Progress

Oh dear.

So remember how I said this was my first read-a-thon? Apparently even such a low-stress event like this can be done horribly wrong. The book I’ve chosen for my first in the read-a-thon in fringing on being a DNF, and as a result I’ve made very little progress. About 40% today, counting for a total 60% read (20% of which I finished before the read-a-thon started). It’s not a TERRIBLE book- it’s just not interesting enough for me to read nonstop, and I feel that an event like this deserves a book that can be devoured. That being said, I’m taking a break from it and I’ll be starting my next book without finishing the current one.







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