DNF Reviews (Don’t worry, they’re Un-Stared)

So before I get started, I NEED to ask: What are your opinions on DNFing, or not finishing a book? I’ve met people who simply can’t not finish a book and people who will toss them aside at the first rolled-eye. Personally, I’m somewhere in between. I used to never start a book without finishing (even if I hated it) and it’s taken me from a lot of good reading moods to going months without reading because I can’t get past the current book. I’ve never been too good at just chugging along, I suppose, so I converted to DNFing.

I’ll DNF a book…

1) If I get halfway through and realize I just simply don’t care what happens,

2) If I don’t hate a book enough to angrily rant about it for a decent amount of time (which can be just as fun as reading.)

If the book meets both of these conditions, I’ll DNF it. So far in my short blogging lifespan, I’ve only DNFed two books. They are as follows:

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