Christmas in July!

I’ve been waiting since January to make this post! After Christmas, I had so many Christmas-themed things that I could finally post on media without spoiling gifts…. but they were now out-of-date. So I decided to wait until July and do a Christmas in July post!

First off, here’s one of my favorite dolls that I’ve ever made!

I don’t make a lot of things for myself. I’m more into giving and sharing, but I have to say that I love this little decoration! Especially her style in clothes.

Speaking of which…


My nieces get a sweater every Christmas, and this was this year’s! I’m wondering if I’m getting myself in over my head with this tradition, but tradition is tradition. And look how happy they look!

Speaking of happy:

Ugly sweaters in general are just my thing. This cozy was a gift, but this year I might make one for myself. It almost hurt to give away.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


Little Animal Friends

Ok, so this one is totally cheesy. But whatever, it’s how I roll.

I made little helper animals for my sister and her roommates for Christmas. Each one of them came with a little poem that personified what they’re lucky for. I didn’t write names on them, so they had a lot of fun picking out which animal went to which person! They are as follows:


I have a little Panda Friend
To help me through the day.
He helps me to take care of me,
With food and sleep and play.
It’s stressful when you feel like there’s a lot that must be done.
But if I lived like Panda Friend, well that would be more fun!


I have a little Hermit Friend
To help me through the day.
He helps me to come out a bit
When I want to hide away.
Sometimes I try to fit myself in shells that aren’t my size.
But me and Hermit Friend will find a cozy compromise.


I have a little Snaily Friend
To help me through the day.
He reminds me to keep my hope,
Even when skies are grey.
It’s hard to remain positive when rainy days are here,
But dewey weather makes for me the perfect atmosphere!


I have a little Turtle Friend
To help me through the day.
He reminds me to take it slow,
And live my life my way.
The speed I set myself to go is always the best pace.
So Turtle and I smell the roses AND we win the race.

And lastly…


I have a little Badger Friend
To help me through the day.
He reminds me to WIN ALL FIGHTS!
I sometimes can be timid, but now I WILL HAVE GALL!
And me and little Badger Friend will go DESTROY THEM ALL!!!


Happy Friday, Everyone!