Little Fisherman

Getting online orders is exciting! It’s especially nice when someone recommends you. I’m on a business page for my local area, and someone had posted a picture of this vest:

They asked, “Can anyone make this? I’d like one for my son’s first birthday.”

I saw it but, as you can tell from my blog, clothes aren’t really a thing I make too often, so I didn’t respond to it at all. But then, later that day I got tagged by TWO people who recommended my crocheting. They’re both super sweet ladies that I adore, so I commented on the post saying I was up for the challenge. And I think I did pretty well! Here’s my finished version:

It is super satisfying to finish sewing in those last stitches and decide that something came out well. I even got the exact same yarn from the picture! (Which I know, because I google searched the image, followed it to its pinterest, went on to find the etsy, looked at the materials to find she’d used “Vanna’s Choice” yarn, searched VC yarn colors, and FINALLY came up with this. Let it never be said I’m not tedious with my work!”)


Happy Friday, Everyone!