I watched Hilda with my husband last month and absolutely fell in love. It inspired me to get back to doing something creative for the sake of creativity, not just because I have to or I’m being paid to. So as thanks, I made a tribute to Hilda!

It’s good to make something for the love of crochet, and I’m pretty pleased with how she came out!

Happy Friday, Everyone.


Blue Bear

Not much to say about this one. Blue chunky yarn + bear order + Evening of D&D = a bear!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Little Pokemon

I’ve been a big pokemon fan for the majority of my life, so when I started crocheting, I knew someday I wanted to open a pokemon-themed booth in our town’s local annual anime convention! I thought this year would be the year, and started work on all sorts of pokemon paraphernalia. Well… life got in the way a little, so I didn’t make nearly enough to have a booth, but I did finish these little guys!

Squirtle and Eevee! Eevee because it’s one of my favorites, and Squirtle because I had the right colors onhand. I also finished a Mew for an order! I forgot to take pictures of it, though, so I had to solicit them from the person who ordered him.


Happy Friday, Everyone!

Blue Dragon!

I was doing some public crocheting in my mom’s shop when one of her regular customers and a good friend came in with her grandson. As mom and the customer talked, I hung out with her young grandson, watching him play a game on the phone about dragons. “Do you think you could crochet a dragon like that?” the customer asked.





I’m still not sure what the game is, but he loved the dragon! I’ll be making him another one soon, in gold.


Happy Thursday, Everyone!


Another day, another doll for my favorite crochet-loving family. The owners of The Green Arrow and The Flash have a sister, and I couldn’t leave her out! This time, it’s Deku, a character from My Hero Academia, an anime that’s greatly rising in popularity right now.

I’m a pretty big fan of his cute little dress shirt. I’m thinking with Halloween so close, I’ll be using that design for some spooky dolls pretty soon 😉

Happy Friday, Everyone!


The Flash

I made the Green Arrow for a friend’s son a few weeks ago, and his brother just so happens to be a fan of superheroes, too! So of course, I had to make something for him as well. He wanted the Flash! It’s always nice getting to choose which style of character I prefer to crochet. There have been a lot of versions of The Flash, but I’m always a fan of crocheting the more old-fashioned versions of cartoons. I find that they translate into crochet the best.


The hardest thing to work out here was the helmet, but I wanted to stay true to the original design, so I worked it out with a chainstitch.

The finish product has a little smile that I didn’t have time to photograph, as I added it last minute. All in all, I was thanked profusely when he got to his owner! It really warms my heart to crochet things for such sweet kids.

Happy Friday, Everyone!