My Grandma-in-Law lives in a cold area that ices over easily, and I’ve heard her talk about the dangers of getting her mail everyday. After seeing a bag I made for my Mother-In-Law, she exclaimed how much she loved in and I asked her if she wanted one, which resulted in this!


A mailbag! Although you can’t really tell by the photo. Here’s a better one:


I put a little envelope on the back!


She was super happy with it when she got it, which is always great. And because it’s double-crochet instead of single-crochet, it took half the time! I figured it was okay for the holes in between to be a little thicker, since all that it was meant to hold was mail. I don’t have a picture of the one I made for my Mother-in-Law, but it was single-crochet like the one I made for myself which was what originally made her want one. What can I say; I’m a trendstarter.

Here’s mine: