A work friend of mine became a grandfather recently! He has two daughters, and last month brought the addition of his first healthy granddaughter.

Not meaning that he ever had an unhealthy granddaughter.. just that he didn’t have one at all. Or a grandson. It’s a celebratory occasion, really. And knowing that his daughter- the mother- is a big Nightmare Before Christmas fan, I decided to make her a baby head blanket in the shape of Zero!

Which is great, because it’s pretty much just a Zero doll, considering Zero is already in the shape of a baby head blanket.

And in the spirit of Hallow-uhuhhmerrcough..Christmas-!- I’ve decided to post this one next!





The greatest thing about this one is that it was actually made FOR Halloween, but it’s ok I didn’t see him until long after that, because then it just became a Christmas gift. I mean, the movie title has the word “Christmas” IN IT. It should’ve been a Christmas gift to begin with, really.