I’ve been making stuff… but I haven’t been posting stuff. Obviously.

But I plan to get better about that! Once a week until I’m all caught up on my crafts, I’m going to post a new craft on here. Starting with…. OCTWOPOINTO!



I call him Octwopointo because it’s short for Octopus 2.0 and he’s the second one I’ve made. I’m not perfectly happy with how he came out, but there were a couple of improvements between him and the last one, like the shorter neck, better color choice (considering the first guy started out as a frog) and more evenly sized legs. Here’s the comparison.


Huh.. actually.. now that I look at it, I think I like the old one better. Have I.. retrogressed?

..Well, the kid who it was for liked it at any rate. He fell asleep holding it, and that’s good enough for me!

Octwopointo, everyone.