New Craft: Amber the Octopus


Is it less of an accomplishment if I tell you she was supposed to be a frog?

My aunt and uncle love frogs, so I figured that’s what I’d make next, but one neck too many and the shape was all wrong. That’s when a co-worker recommended I make it into an octopus.

A day and about three legs later, my manager came into the break room and asked what I was making. When I told her an octopus, she asked if I could make her one.


This was at the point where it was inconceivable that anyone would want the things I made.

I asked her, “What would you want with a crocheted octopus?”

“Well, what were your aunt and uncle going to do with a crocheted octopus?”

“Put it on display because their niece made it! Like you put your child’s artwork on the fridge!”

But nonetheless, she wanted it, so I finished off the rest of the legs and presented it to my manager in a totally un-brown-noser-y fashion.

She liked it so much that she sent a picture of it to her friend, Amber, who responded saying “omg cute”!

Thus the name.

So, a big welcome to Amber the Octopus =)

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