Emotive Review

Black dachshund on dark background

Emotive is a tale of life, love, compassion, and the pursuit of happiness as told through the eyes of the story’s narrator, Linus. Linus is a puppy living in a small city located in the rolling hillsides of upstate New York. When the abnormalities of his owner Sam are all he knows since birth, he gains a perspective of unyielding acceptance and love towards the man who feeds him, takes him to the park, and murders women in his basement.


Thanks to Ikigai Publishing for the ARC of Emotive!




My Thoughts:


I absolutely love that synopsis- particularly the last line. It was what convinced me to give this book a try, when my last attempt at reading a dog’s viewpoint turned into a DNF before even the second chapter. Luckily, Emotive paid off. Emotive is a unique and interesting story about a dog’s struggle for survival and a life worth living.

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