Who Had The Saddest Book Death?

Who Had The Saddest Book Death?

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So this topic was triggered- surprisingly- by fanfiction. I don’t go out of my way to read fanfiction, but I follow a Harry Potter page on facebook that will occasionally post it. In this fanfic, Ron was getting married to Herminoe and George turned to Fred to make some joking comment about Ron. Except, Fred wasn’t there. Because he’s dead. That thought kind of hit me hard. I mean, yes, it’s hard to lose a partner, yes it’s hard to lose a friend or a mother or a father but a twin? Someone who’s been with you literally from the moment you were born? The two of them were inseparable, and I got significantly sad thinking about it. Like, five years later. I haven’t read Harry Potter since I was in High School, and it’s still making me sad. So that’s something.

But I have honorable mentions!

1) Lennie in Of Mice and Men


This is number one on the list for a reason: it was the first book to ever make me cry. I read it back in High School, and although I was an avid reader even at that time, I never imagined words on paper would be able to bring tears to my eyes. It was miserably sad, mainly because Lennie was so innocent and George was so tormented. I spent weeks after reading the end imagining that it had ended differently, and how it could have been.

3) The Mother in A Monster Calls


Oh God.. Just.. Oh God.. Read this book.

3) Augustus in The Fault in Our Stars


Did anyone doubt this would be in here? Another book that made me cry actual tears. (I have a list for those now on Goodreads.) But Augustus’s death wasn’t actually the saddest part for me- it was his pre-funeral. Something about it had me so sad that when I got to the actual death, I was already numb.

So what about you? What were the saddest book deaths in your opinion? Were there any books that made you cry? I want to know!