Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read


This is actually my first time participating in Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and The Bookish (a blog title I love, btw.) Until I figure out how to do links- which will be soon- ya’ll are going to have to settle for a written URL.


As for my top ten books I’ll never read, in no particular order this time, they are:

1) lol :/ and other modern devised plays

17992959I don’t even know why this one is on my TBR at all. I think I added it when I first joined goodreads and was just looking for something to put on my shelf. (If only I’d known I’d be a blogger!) That being said, I have absolutely no interest in it at all.

2) The Devil Wears Prada


Saw the movie. Loved the movie. But my taste in movies and my taste in books are completely different. That being said, this one is probably never going to make it to my “read” shelf.

3) The Mistborn Trilogy


This one was a recommendation from back in the day where being noticed and recommended something was a big deal to me. More likely, it was an author trying to sell their crud. Haha. Oops.

4) Remnants of the Damned


I met the author of this one through last year’s Armchair BEA. I added it to my TBR- and planned to read it- to be nice, but it’s not my style at all. Saying I’ll read it and not reading it is the way of a busy reader. Saying I’ll read it and trashing it in a review just because it’s not my thing is cruel.

5) Sixth Grave on the Edge


Is this…? It is! A SIXTH in series? Ain’t nobody got the time to read five books because they’re interested in the SIXTH. Why is this even on my TBR at all? The first sure isn’t.

6) Tip of the Tongue


I love Dr. Who. I love Patrick Ness. You’d think this win-win combination would be a completely glorious thing for me, right? Maybe. But I’m not sure anyone but the author of Dr. Who could really capture Dr. Who, and in book form? I don’t know. However, this is the only one that’s going to be staying on my TBR after this post. Just in case..

7) Waiting for You

8) Addicted to You

9) Safe in the Tycoon’s Arms

21845743 22296542 19302510

These three are all together because they’re on here for the same reason. They’re all from bloggers I love that gave them a great rating. But all because those bloggers loved them doesn’t mean I will. I’ve since learned to find bloggers with similar books to mine when I add their books to my TBR.

Aaaand lastly…

10) Pluto

24382356 I loved Wonder. The Julian chapter was ok. At first I adored R.J. Palacio writing different viewpoints on the story of Auggie. But after a while it starts to feel a little milky. The story was great, but it’s over. I’m happy with leaving it like that.

So, what are your Top Tens for this week? Leave a comment and I’ll check them out.

28 thoughts on “Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read

  1. Oh No!!! You HAVE to read Addicted to You! The entire series is AMAZING! I’m totally with you on The Devil Wear’s Prada, for me it’s the actors that make that movie so great, so reading the book and not having Meryl Streep glaring at me through the screen just won’t be as good in my opinion!


    • Yeah, I looked at everyone else’s lists and they were all popular books and things commonly recommended and I was like “I’m just taking things off of my goodreads TBR.” Think I did it wrong but *shrug*.


  2. I read the first in the Mistborn series and didn’t love it but I know a LOT of folks who do. If you like epic fantasy it could potentially be your thing. I’m also a giant Whovian and have read one or two of the Doctor Who novels – they were good though certainly not better than the show. Finally, really nice point with number 4 – definitely a situation I run into from time to time with Netgalley!


    • Thanks! The Dr. Who novels all come from well known, talented authors and I was SO excited to find out about them, but I don’t know. You just can’t beat the original, right?


  3. I’m a Doctor Who fan… but I’ve never felt the slightest interest in reading any of the books! I do want to read Mistborn (although I seem to keep postponing it). You’re so right about finding people who share your tastes — I’ve seen bloggers I enjoy recommend certain books, but I just know some of them will absolutely not work for me!


  4. I haven’t read a few of these books! I can see why you wouldn’t want to read some of them. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!


    • I’d hope so, but I read some pretty bad reviews on it. I guess people will always just be best at writing their own characters, not someone else’s. But who knows, right?


  5. I’ve never actually heard of any of the books you’ve listed hah wow. It’s crazy how many books there out there. I didn’t know The Devil Wears Prada was a book, either! I’ve never seen the movie but it’s on my list to watch. And to add a link: when you’re typing up your post, highlight the words/phrase that you want to insert the link into and then click on the chain link looking image and it’ll show a window where you can add the url 😀 or if you’re doing the html text form, type out: ()The Broke and Bookish or whatever text you want () Just make sure you remove the parenthesis. I added them so that it doesn’t post it as a link on the comment because you can post html here too. I’m not 100% sure if that makes any sense haha. Oh, and welcome to Top Ten Tuesdays!


  6. I laughed my way through this post. Your honesty is refreshing, and it makes me giggle. Do you know that one of those books was recommended by me? Hurrumph! 🙂
    I feel the same way about The Devil Wears Prada and stories like it. I love them as fun, lighthearted movies, but the genre rarely appeals to me in book form.
    I will be reading The Sixth Grave on the Edge. I have only read the first in the series, but it was highly entertaining.
    Suzi Q., The Book Dame


    • Haha oops! Sorry about rejecting one of your books! Actually, a lot of people are saying “you should totally read the Mistborn series, or addicted to you!” and I’m thinking maybe my judgement against these books was premature 😮


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